Our alumna Juili Potdar

Our alumna Juili graduated with a Master of Science in Applied Computer Science in 2021 and now works successfully as an UI/UX Developer at SEEBURGER AG.

How easy was it for you to start your career after graduating from SRH?

I got to learn a lot from my studies at SRH University. My specialization gave me a holistic education in Computer Science and UX Design and prepared me for several tasks that I face in my day to day work life. The transition from a student to working professional was made easier with the internship that was part of my course. I was already able to gain much practical knowledge from internship which later converted into continuing master thesis with the same company. This professional experience prepared me and inculcated a confidence in me while beginning my career.

What was the reason for you to choose this position?

As a UI/UX developer at SEEBURGER, I develop concepts and ideas for SEEBURGER’s product in an enterprise context. My job as a UI/UX developer involves deep understanding of complex problems and trying to be innovative in order to solve them. Coming from a technical background and having a passion for designing, I chose this position as it lets me apply my knowledge to the fullest of my potential.

Which insights/skills from your studies can you use most in your job?

There are many useful skills that I acquired from the master’s program. In presence of the CORE principle we worked in groups to complete different projects. This has greatly helped me in being a good team member even in my organization. I would say the Master degree has not only given me knowledge in Computer Science but also the soft skills I acquired with presentations and interactions with fellow classmates is useful for my current position.

I am very glad I decided to pursue my higher studies in Germany from SRH University Heidelberg.