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Premodule Dance with Michael Bronczkowski

Are you interested in diving more deeply into the possibilities of creative movement and dance-based techniques to explore self-expression in movement? Then join Michael Bronczkowski (dancer and dance therapist) in this dance preparatory module.

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Claudia Sauerborn

School of Therapeutic Sciences | Intership-Coordinator | Academic Staff +49 6221 6799-636

The Master's programme in Dance / Movement Therapy at the School of Therapeutic Sciences offers a preliminary module in dance, during which interested dancers and movers will use creative movement and dance-based techniques to explore self-expression in movement, expand the range of their movements, and enhance their dance and movement skills. The dance preparatory module is led by Michael Bronczkowski (dancer and dance therapist).

The programme is intended for people who wish to prepare themselves specifically for work with the body and dance. It also offers the possibility of interdisciplinary networking across the study cohorts and gives people an insight into the dance-and movement programmeat the SRH.

A daily warm-up ritual opens the session. Different elements and parameters of movement are experienced through the perspective of natural developmental processes of human beings (according to Bartenieff). At the end of the day, these are transferred into dynamic dances.

In addition, students of the Dance and Movement Therapy program organize a meeting at the faculty in the dance therapy room to discuss practical tips for the program and give impressions from the clinical internship and any interesting topics that are brought to the modul.

Condition of participation: Experience in dance and/or movement.

Bring: Comfortable sportswear, towel, non-slip socks, two tennis balls, knee pads, something to put on/keep warm, lots to drink, own food, something to write

Course fee: 320 Euro

Location: Raum1.04, Maria-Probst-Straße3, 69123 Heidelberg

Programme This is what awaits you in our pre-module

26.03. - 29.03.2023, 10 am - 3 pm (incl. 45 minutes break)

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  • Sound Body Technique. Breathing movement / Interweaving by Daria Reznikova
  • Regaining Surface. Floor Work / Contemporary Techniques / Grounding (lowest level lying, rolling, etc. with integrated breathing)
  • Learning to fall / Axis Syllabus by Frey Faust. Heaviness vs. lightness, exploring the weight of body parts, working with the opposite poles (intermediate level crawling, sliding/gliding, extension, etc.)
  • Exploration of our movement spectrum. Basic elements of Butoh / Gaga (high level standing, movement, jumping, etc.)

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26.03.2023 | 10:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Maria-Probst-Straße 3, 69123 Heidelberg, Room 1.04