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Language Tandem Programme

You wanna speak Deutsch? Möchtest du dein Englisch upgraden? Join the Language Tandem Programme, immerse yourself in other cultures and improve your conversational language skills - not limited to English and German!

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Roxane Velfringer

International Office | International Students Coordinator | Country Ambassador France +49 (0)6221-6799-914

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The Language Tandem is a social engagement format in which a pair of SRH students are connected based on a mutual wish to improve their language skills, and meet for 10 weeks for various meetings (online or in-person meetings, cooking together, etc). The meetings have to take place at least once a week and a minimum of 2 hours. At the end of the 10 weeks, the team has to submit a joint portfolio showing what they did during the programme. 

The format promotes intercultural understanding, students get to know another student from a different cultural background and improve communication skills in target languages and in regard to diverse cultures. 

Students have the opportunity to receive a certificate of voluntary work from SRH University Heidelberg upon successful completion of the programme. 

Registration open until 12th November. Start of the programme on 15th November!

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