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History of water supply: focus on Roman and Persian Systems

Through the coming semester you will have the opportunity to broaden your engineering skill-set with historical knowledge and benefit from excursions exploring different types of ancient water technologies.

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This interdisciplinary seminar, organized by Prof. Ghomi & Prof. Gayh, is offered as an elective giving students the opportunity, to complement their engineering perspective with a historical perspective. During the course you will be introduced to ancient water supply systems (Roman and Persian water supply systems). water supply) and you will learn about ancient water measurement techniques as well as water management systems. 

This will deepen your knowledge including at least one excursion to Zülpich exploring the "Eifelwasserleitung". By historical comparison, you will get to know backgrounds, conditions of origin and further developments of current techniques and methods of municipal water supply. 

In coordination with your respective Dean of Study, you will be able to earn 4 Credit Points added to your upcoming electives.

The event takes place on Thursdays from 05:15 PM - 07:00 PM.

Portraitfoto Mohamad Ghomi
Prof. Dr. Mohammad R. Ghomi

School of Engineering and Architecture | guest lecture | Water Technology


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