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This World Environment Day join us in the global effort to #BeatPlasticPollution.

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This World Environment Day join us in the global effort to #BeatPlasticPollution

We are excited to extend our heartfelt invitation to an engaging and transformative Innovation Workshop, dedicated to finding innovative solutions for one of the most pressing challenges of our time – plastic pollution. This workshop aims to harness the collective power of bright minds like yours to generate groundbreaking ideas and actions that can make a real difference in our world.


  1. Amplify Your Impact: By participating in this workshop, you will be actively contributing to the global movement to combat plastic pollution. Together, we can make a significant positive change for our environment.
  2. Inspiring Collaboration: Connect with a diverse group of passionate individuals who share your commitment to a cleaner, greener future. By collaborating and brainstorming together, we can unlock innovative solutions that address the plastic pollution crisis.
  3. Expert Insights: Benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of esteemed experts in the field of sustainability and environmental conservation. Learn from their experiences, gain valuable insights, and broaden your understanding of the challenges we face.
  4. Cultivate Creativity: Embrace the opportunity to think outside the box, challenge conventional wisdom, and foster your creative thinking skills. We believe that through innovation and creativity, we can develop effective strategies to tackle plastic pollution head-on.
  5. Make an Impactful Difference: Take part in hands-on activities and workshops designed to empower you with practical tools and actionable steps. Together, we will create a roadmap for change and forge a path toward a more sustainable future.

Be the change. Join us in this inspiring Innovation Workshop as we unite our efforts to #BeatPlasticPollution and pave the way for a healthier planet. Together, we can make a difference! 

To secure your spot and learn more about the workshop agenda, speakers please  register. Limited spaces are available, so make sure to reserve your place early.

Let's ignite innovation, foster collaboration, and leave a lasting impact on World Environment Day!


Portraitfoto Ulrike Gayh
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Gayh

School of Engineering and Architecture | Professor of Environment and Process Engineering | Study Programme Director Water Technology (M.Eng.)

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