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Now we’re getting personal: our Unibuddies

Getting to know the university and its students personally is always something prospective students are interested in. Visit to get first-hand information about our university directly from our students.

On the couch, at your desk or in the bath: you can research study opportunities anywhere. The official website looks convincing, the reviews on various student forums are promising. But often you still want to know more about your future university, and have a few tiny questions left: What is the quality of teaching really like? What do students say about the university when you ask them privately?

You can find out all this and much more with our university’s Unibuddies. Here, would-be students can reach out to current students and pester them with their questions – from their experiences with lecturers and the difficulty of exams to nightlife in Heidelberg and finding a place to live. So far, the buddies have been able to answer over 1000 questions from more than 40 countries. The content of these questions, however, is completely individual and tailored to the needs the person asking.

We currently have 22 Unibuddies. The goal is to have at least one Unibuddy for every degree programme by 2022.

Jennifer Schneider, Admission Office

Jenny Schneider played a key role in shaping and launching the project. She is pleased that prospective students can communicate directly with current students and simply “ask their questions completely openly.” 

The 22 buddies have the opportunity to communicate with would-be students via the project’s platform just as easily as via any other communication app such as WhatsApp. This enables fast, casual and, above all, authentic contact. “What I liked most was the feeling of being accepted and respected,” is what Patrick Leuze reported. He was interested in studying psychology and got in touch with our Unibuddy Stefan Schlimm. He is now in his first Bachelor’s semester, studying psychology at SRH University Heidelberg, and is happy about the many contacts he has already been able to make.

This is also how the buddies see themselves: as people who can draw on their own personal experiences and thus personally support others as they embark on a new phase of their lives. “You simply experience so much in the course of your studies that it’s nice to be able to pass some of it on to others,” explained Kathrin Stall, Unibuddy for the Therapy Sciences degree programme. She talks enthusiastically about direct access to future students and the opportunity to pass on her own opinions about the university openly and honestly, without taking a “right or wrong” approach. 

Unibuddy Stefan Schlimm demonstrated a similar enthusiasm when he spoke about the project. He can well understand the situation that prospective students find themselves in at the beginning of their application process. Many are overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive in forums or apps such as Jodel – where they are often given “false information or half-truths”…

With Unibuddies, budding students can get reliable first-hand information from experienced students.

Stefan Schlimm, Unibuddy and student of Psychology

often receives questions about how he likes it at the university – and what he finds less enjoyable about his studies. However, sometimes the questions and information cover very different topics. He was once surprised by a question about his Instagram account, laughing as he mentioned it. He also remembers Patrick and other prospective students with whom he shared his internal knowledge online – and now on site.

The Unibuddies project is shaping up to be an unmitigated success for both buddies and would-be students. The broad spectrum of information from current students facilitates casual interaction that can significantly aid prospective students in choosing their degree programme and their university. Patrick, at least, offers valuable advice: 

As an applicant, look at your future university from all angles. Take advantage of the many opportunities to throw your questions out there and get a complete picture of the university.

Patrick Leuze, former Unibuddy contact person

"And once you’ve decided on SRH, build up a network of friends and like-minded people to really enjoy student life!”, Patrick says.

By the way: Are you already studying at SRH University Heidelberg and would like to support prospective students as a Unibuddy? We’re always on the lookout for extra assistance! Feel free to contact

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