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Bringing more experimentation to water technology studies:

Prof. Dr. Mohammad R. Ghomimarzdashti, or Ghomi for short, teaches aquaculture at the IAU University in Tonekabon (Iran), and is now teaching as DAAD Visiting Lecturer at SRH University Heidelberg’s School of Engineering and Architecture for a year.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad R. Ghomi came to our university in April 2022, funded by the DAAD grant (Project ID: 57604672) from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In addition to teaching Water Technology, he also teaches International Business and Engineering and various Master and Bachelor classes at the School of Engineering and Architecture. He has also been contributing his knowledge in the field of statistics and application of SPSS throughout the school. He has revealed what brought him to Heidelberg and how he likes it here in a short interview.

Welcome to SRH University Heidelberg, Dr. Ghomi! Why did you choose to come to Heidelberg?

Mainly, I wanted to improve my academic activities.

Have you been to Heidelberg before?
No, it’s my first time. I haven’t had any free time to explore the city yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so!

What do you particularly like about the city?
I like the nice and friendly people here.

What do you like about our university?
I have friendly and modest colleagues, and I see great potential to move forward in innovative applied sciences.

What is the focus of your work here?
I am involved in the design and construction of technical devices to improve water quality. How can we save water and reuse it as much as possible? This is important in light of the scarcity of water resources around the world.

What are the biggest differences from your home university?
Compared to my home university, SRH University Heidelberg is better prepared to support both lecturers and students in terms of practical orientation and application of study content.

What will you take with you from here?
A lot of experiences and a fair bit of enrichment in my knowledge.

Financed by the DAAD as part of a grant for foreign guest lecturers to teach at German universities. Project-ID: 57604672
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Professor Dr. Mohammad R. Ghomi from Iran is teaching at SRH University Heidelberg for a year as part of a DAAD guest Lectureship.