SRH Hochschule Heidelberg

Grand Finish of Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Manders

After three years of teaching in dance therapy, our guest professor and "Schwerpunktverantwortliche" for dance movement therapy went back to the USA and bagged a small victory: she came fourth in canoe polo, as she reports in the interview.

What did you particularly like here?

I especially loved my many wonderful colleagues that I worked with in music and dance therapy. They were very supportive for me and all very dedicated and creative people.

I also enjoyed seeing students grow over the two years of the MA program. It always feels good to teach dance movement therapy skills especially when I have a group who is very engaged in class and we are all moving together.

You also successfully participated in the German University Championship in Canoe Polo. What does this sport have to do with dance therapy? How long have you been practising this sport?

I did canoe polo on the Neckar twice a week in good weather and this was a lovely stress relief where I could take a break and just play. It is a very friendly group and they welcomed beginners, giving me a little community in Heidelberg outside the SRH as well. I wouldn’t say it has too much in common with dance movement therapy other than being an activity where you can be fully engaged in your body and present in the moment. I saw them playing on one of my first weeks here and so have now been playing a little over two years. We made a mixed team from Heidelberg  mostly from the University of Heidelberg but also I joined from the SRH. We traveled together to Göttingen and played in the Deutsche Hochschulmeisterschaft with many games over the weekend. We ended up taking 4th place.

What will you take with you from your time at our university to Drexel University?

One moment I was very proud of was when I taught my first class in German this year. I hope I can still find opportunities to use my German in the future.

Elizabeth Manders (Nummer 15) bei der Deutschen Hochschulmeisterschaft des Kanu-Polos.
Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Manders (in the picture with the number 15), guest professor for dance mnovement therapy at SRH University Heidelberg, came fourth in canoe polo with her team.