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How to: enjoy nightlife

Tips for students – the Student Business Network (SBN) introduces you to the pub scene in Heidelberg and Mannheim.

What could be better than to enjoy an evening with your fellow students after a successful hard day’s study? Heidelberg’s Old Town and the surrounding areas, such as Mannheim, present plenty of opportunities for a special evening out to meet new friends. SBN – Student Business Network, a student initiative in cooperation with SRH University Heidelberg, knows the best student venues for a night out. Whether you like your drinks fruity, sour, tart or bitter, with or without a shot – there’s something for everyone.


Take one: lights out and ... action! Heidelberg’s Regie, next to the theatre, has probably the biggest cocktail menu in the metropolitan region. Creativity is the name of the game here. Each of the more than 111 cocktail creations is named after a famous film. Instead of the classic Sex on the Beach, you can look forward to a Baywatch.

Theaterstraße 2, 69117 Heidelberg


Fancy a trip to the Caribbean, without having to travel far? Mannheim’s cocktail bar Barrios transports you to the streets of Havana. Original Cuban mojitos and Latin American rhythms take you and your friends on your first journey to Cuba together.

Q5, 4, 68161 Mannheim

Shooter Stars

Are you more into shots? Heidelberg’s Shooters is renowned for its variety of 300 shots: Zicke, Heißer Scheiß, Alte Brücke and Flamingo, or perhaps an Orgasmus instead? The bar is in direct competition with Mannheim’s Filmriss, which has the largest selection of shots in the whole of Germany.

Heugasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg; M4 8-9, 68161 Mannheim


The Destille is arguably the most iconic pub in Heidelberg’s Untere Straße. What’s special about it: the middle of the “TreeBar” features an acacia tree. Artists’ exhibitions grace the walls. Did you know that there’s no getting around the freshman initiation of a warmer Erpel and a Gehängten at the Destille? You’d best find out for yourself what these drinks are all about.

Untere Str. 16, 69117 Heidelberg

Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg

Those who prefer beer to cocktails are likely to check out the Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg. Its special feature: different types of beer, depending on which season it is, brewed on the premises. From a culinary perspective, the Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg also offers a fresh and contemporary selection of regional and light Mediterranean dishes. The beer garden in the courtyard is also worth a visit when the weather’s fine.

Leyergasse 6, 69117 Heidelberg

Come and join us from SBN at our favourite pubs*, and let’s raise our glasses to memorable evenings and new friendships.

About SBN

SBN – Student Business Network is a student initiative in cooperation with SRH University Heidelberg. What do we do? We bring together SRH students from different faculties, and facilitate networking with alumni, companies and other organisations. We enable you to develop your own networks, which will be essential for your future. Connect with us on social networks by following @studentbusinessnetwork and share your favourite pubs with us. We look forward to meeting you!

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SBN – Student Business Network is a student initiative in cooperation with SRH University Heidelberg.