Are you ready to start?

Our Welcome Day gives you a relaxed start to your studies.

Your president welcomes you personally

After you have met your group for the day, you will receive a warm welcome from our President and then proceed to the first task of the campus rally.

Discover our campus

Let's go: At various stations across the campus, you will get to know the library, our canteen, campus sports and numerous other facilities.

Move your CORE keeping fit and healthy aht university

At the "Move your CORE" station, you will get to know the student project that ensures that sport and exercise are part of your everyday life at university.

Interactive campus rally

Take the opportunity to make first contacts with your professors and fellow students at the rally and in the days after for a relaxed start to your studies.

Your welcome gifts

We want you to be well prepared: A goodie bag with everything that will make your start easier, as well as our SRH hoodie, is yours to take home at the end of our first Welcome Day.