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SRH University Heidelberg International Week 2022: Bridging Generations

For our 12th SRH International Week we are excited to welcome our partners, and their students, back on Campus in Heidelberg. Save the date and join us from 9th - 15th October 2022!

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Anja Loos

International Office | Alumni Management | Country Ambassadors Croatia/Balkans +49 (0)6221-6799-910

International Week 2022: Bridging Generations

Over the past 12 years, the SRH International Week has become a yearly meeting of colleagues turned collaborators turned friends and family. Mentors have brought their mentees to Heidelberg, the network has grown, connections became tighter, and then with the Pandemic came two years of collective struggle and (failed) attempts to stay the normal course.

This year, the focus is on knowledge exchange, open discourse, and workshops to promote understanding and creative thinking aimed towards bridging the increasing generational gap. “Old” teaching styles have been forcefully replaced by zoom calls and the usual “touching base” with the colleagues has turned into a two-minute ping-pong of “Can you hear me?”  

We have seen how fast new technologies have taken over, and how those who couldn’t or wouldn’t hold the pace were ploughed over.  Now it is time to remember and retrieve the knowledge of interpersonal communication and social responsibility. The generation of exchange was put on hold and we must be prepared to build new bridges of friendship, as well as ensure global mobility opportunities for a fruitful and long-lasting international exchange.  

We are looking for you and your expertise to join us on our SRH Campus in Heidelberg this year and cross this bridge together. 

Your participation at the International Week 2022 can be certified by the Career Development Center/ General studies. You can use this certificate to apply for internships and jobs. The workload of each course is defined on the certificates and each faculty decides about the recognition of credits. Only for SRH Students.

Registration Registration will open 25 August 2022

Please note: The International Week 2022 has been planned according to the currently valid Corona regulations. However, due to the dynamic infection events, changes may occur at short notice. Should this be the case, we will inform you in good time.