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Become part of our worldwide, free alumni network. We want to connect you with other alumni, support you and offer numerous opportunities. 

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The alumni newsletter keeps you up to date on events in your alumni community. We organize networking and career events, support alumni ideas, and share news from your alma mater. We also offer job opportunities from alumni and corporate partners. Stay connected and informed with our newsletter.


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Network digitally

Join our LinkedIn group for alumni relations. There you will find digital networking opportunities and old/new acquaintances of the SRH community. We regularly publish interesting recaps of our events and offer detailed insights compared to the alumni newsletter.

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Mission and vision of the alumni network

We see alumni as a diverse group of people who have developed a special bond with SRH University Heidelberg during their studies, be it through their academic successes, their shared challenges or their shared experiences. That is why we welcome not only graduates but also those who have dropped out as alumni.

Supporting our alumni beyond their studies is important to us. Your journey does not end when you graduate; on the contrary, it gains momentum. We are here to support you in the next phases of your professional and personal development. Whether you are looking for new career opportunities, continuing your education or simply want to stay in touch with your alma mater, we are here for you. 

SRH University Heidelberg values the diversity and commitment of our alumni, be it in the form of knowledge transfer, networking or supportive community. Your experiences and stories not only enrich our university community, but also help to build a vibrant and lasting connection between the university and its alumni.

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Small alumni 1x1

Would you like to find out more about the meaning of "alumni, alumna and alma mater"? 

Our little alumni 1x1 gives you the answer.

Alumni: This term is derived from the Latin "Alumnus" and means "pupil" or "nourished". It is used to describe graduates of both genders.

Alumna: The female form of "alumni". It refers specifically to female graduates.

Alumnus: The masculine form of "alumni", referring to male graduates.

Alumnae: The female plural form of "alumna".

Alumni: The masculine plural form of "alumnus".

Alma Mater: This term comes from Latin and means "nurturing mother". It is used to describe the educational institution at which one has studied


Alumnus In: Johann Heinrich Zedler: grosses vollständiges Universal-Lexicon Aller Wissenschaften und Künste. Band 1, Leipzig 1732, Sp. 1620.

Your benefits

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Thanks to our cooperation partner JobTeaser, we can offer you the free opportunity to post job advertisements for internships / student traineeships or salaried positions on this platform.

working student positions or salaried positions. All you need is a company profile.

Register here: here

We forward selected jobs to our alumni at regular intervals.

Did you know that you can participate in our Studium Generale formats for free? Take a look at our attendance course programme.

To register, simply send Sandra Reiland-Wilhem an email.

Please note: Alumni is only available for face-to-face events.

Did you know that you can still use our campus library free of charge after graduation?

Feel free to use our reference collection of 30,000 books, 130 current journals and 9 weekly and daily newspapers.

Please note: Alumni only have access to the presence stock.

Take a look at the alumni network page of our sister company, SRH The Mobile University. They regularly offer exciting webinars that give you the opportunity to expand your competences and skills for your career and everyday life.

Our alumni community lives through our alumni.

If you have ideas or would like to get involved, for example if your company would like to offer a company excursion, please contact us.

As an alumni Bachelor student, you receive a 10% discount on all Master's degree programmes. You will also not be charged any enrolment fees for a Master's programme.

The Graduate Centre offers you the opportunity to network and receive support during your doctorate. Whether it is the doctoral round table, individual consultation hours or research colloquia, we are happy to assist you.

Our start-up institute is also available for you after your studies. Whether it's a funding check, innovation support or cooperation opportunities - our start-up institute is committed to doing just that. Don't hesitate to get in touch:

Your experience and skills: Would you like to share your professional experience with our students? Get in touch with us! We regularly organise interesting events for our students organised by alumni. Who better to report on everyday professional life and give insider tips?

Financially: Participate in the alumni fund and support the next generations with the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship. You can be part of the Alumni Fund for as little as 10 euros.

Portraitfoto Julia Beck
Connecting our alumni and exchanging ideas together is a matter close to my heart. Feel free to contact me if you have a personal request or a great idea. I look forward to getting to know you!
Julia Beck, Alumni Manager of SRH University Heidelberg
Support our work financially

Your donation of 10 euros or more enables even more job networking, events and digital formats. 

You can deduct your donation from your taxes. We are happy to issue a donation receipt for amounts over 300 euros. Only then does the tax office require a donation receipt.

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