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Learning with head and heart

The CORE Principle – Our study concept!

Everything revolves around you

We support you personally and continuously in achieving your goals. Based on our proven CORE principle, we have aligned all learning objectives, forms of examination, teaching and learning methods for you, in order to make learning as fun and successful as possible.

Here you learn step by step

We believe that sustainable learning is only possible if there is enough space for experimentation, games and critical thinking. That is why we have completely restructured the classical course of studies.

  • You will work on practical tasks in small teams over 5-week blocks
    Instead of losing the overview in between lots of subjects, you completely draw your attention to a maximum of two subjects that are taught in parallel during a block of 5 weeks.
  • You will then take an exam on the subject matter of the previous weeks
    Due to the time frame of our study model, you will no longer have to deal with crowded exam weeks. With a large pool of possible examination forms (from the typical exam up to a learning diary) you can demonstrate your skills in the way that is the most well-suited to the competences that are relevant for the subject in question.
  • You will receive continuous performance feedback throughout your entire studies
    We guide you on a professional, personal and organisational level throughout your studies. From the first day onwards, you will have qualified mentors by your side. In addition, you will get individual coaching and competent advice from our Career Service.
  • You will receive all-round support from your lecturer
    At SRH we do not practice pure frontal teaching only. Instead, our teachers will become individual coaches for you. You will not only acquire expertise and methods but also improve your personal and social competences on a regular basis.
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Gruppenarbeit nach dem CORE-Prinzip
Our principles

We give you room to improve yourself

Learning at eye level

Pure frontal teaching does not exist in our classrooms. Instead, our instructors become individual learning coaches for you. Together, you will not only acquire specialist knowledge, but also hone your soft and hard skills. In order to achieve this, we rely on direct communication.

No fear of making mistakes

Trying out is allowed here! Even welcomed, since we rely on experience-based learning. It's not always about right or wrong, above all it's about trying things out and getting to know each other. At SRH, you don't study for the professor or the examinations office, but primarily for your own projects and your whole (professional) life.

Learning for the real world

You don't have to do countless internships after you graduate. Practical teamwork on real projects with partners from the real world will prepare you optimally for the professional world. At the same time, you will develop social skills such as the ability to accept criticism, to think outside the box and to solve problems creatively. These are exactly the skills that employers expect from their employees today.

In addition, you will not only have a certificate in your hand, but also project references from real world partners, that you can provide alongside your job applications. AND: you'll know where your personal strengths lie.

Raum der Lehre mit Studierenden
Constructive Alignment
Constructive Alignment

Customised tests

We work according to the SRH Constructive Alignment.

We ask ourselves:

  1. Which competences do our alumni need on the job?
  2. In which form of examination can they best demonstrate these abilities?
  3. How must lessons be designed so that students are well prepared for this examination?

Therefore, we do not only use classical examination forms such as written exams or presentations. In total, there are about thirty different examination forms to choose from.

For example:

  • portfolio
  • presentation
  • project work
  • case work
  • scientific poster
  • report
  • ...and many others.
Knowledge and application

Start your professional life with the skills you need

We focus on ensuring that our courses are competence-oriented. This means you will be able to apply your practical knowledge as soon as you start your first job, and that will make you more attractive in the labour market.

You can apply and reproduce the knowledge you have acquired, recognise relationships, understand important theories, and handle technical language.

You can work as part of a team, focusing on goals and results.

You can apply efficient strategies and techniques, adapted to each situation.

You manage yourself and develop your professional actions responsibly and reflectively.