Financing your studies

Can I afford to study at a private university?

We are one of the oldest private universities in Germany and we believe in the principle of independent teaching and research. This independence is demonstrated in our many years of experience in university education, referrals from successful alumni, and our award-winning CORE Principle. However, since we know that it is difficult for many people to take on tuition fees, we also feel it is important to be there to support you.

Student financing
Student financing

What options do I have?

We have a wide range of scholarship programmes open to all our students that provide numerous forms of assistance. Moreover, you always have the option of applying for external scholarships.

We have also included all the other usual options for financing studies on this page. And obviously, you can contact our study advisors for information about financial assistance.

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KfW student loans, education funds & Begabtenförderungswerke

KfW student loans:

Anyone who wants to study needs money for rent, the canteen, sports and some travel. A KfW Student Loan (Studienkredit) gives you the option of receiving up to €650 monthly, regardless of your parents’ income, to finance your tuition fees or living expenses. KfW cooperates with all major banks.

The Education Fund SRH University Heidelberg with Brain Capital

Study now, pay later? That’s possible too. An education fund via Brain Capital enables you to pay back your tuition fees once you’ve finished your degree. It’s a good way to allow yourself to concentrate fully on your studies, without financial worries. As an international student you can apply for this education fund if you are coming from a EU-country.

Begabtenförderungswerke (Scholarships for the gifted)

Are you highly motivated, socially committed and a high achiever? The Begabtenförderungswerke award scholarships to students who like to take on social responsibility and who also have special achievements.

Each organization offers individual scholarships and you can find information about the individual scholarships here.

Education fund by Deutsche Bildung

Deutsche Bildung AG has been supporting students in Germany and abroad since 2006. A study grant is an alternative or supplement to BAföG or student loans.

Please note that you need to have a permanent residence permit in order to apply for funding.

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What scholarships are available to me?

Find out here about our various SRH scholarships, about the Deutschlandstipendium, scholarships for your stay abroad or about external scholarships.