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Research stands for the success of our university

The strong symbiosis between science and business is a dynamic for the future. Innovative ideas, methods, products and services – research stands for the success of our university and our partner companies.

Our self-conception
Studierende reparieren einen Roboter-Arm
Our self-conception

A research-based UAS

At SRH University Heidelberg, we combine science and economic thought. Our ever-growing cooperative activities enable us to cover a wide range of topics. We consider innovation and development to be key aspects of studying; together, we maintain our culture of research. Our goal is to further expand practice-based research. After all, linking innovative research institutions with companies is an important factor for success. We create a dynamic innovation culture and support you with your research project.

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Research based learning
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Research based learning

Research and science within your studies

The “R” in CORE – our university’s study model – stands for “research”: research is firmly embedded in your studies according to the CORE Principle. You study at the cutting edge of science and get actively involved in practice-oriented research projects. From the development of hypotheses and the selection of methods to the presentation of project results – step by step, you’ll learn about the world of science together with your lecturers.

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Promotion of young researchers
Zwei Studierende arbeiten an einem Projekt in der Werkstatt der SRH Hochschule Heidelberg
Promotion of young researchers

We support your research project

Thanks to the close connection between research and teaching in the CORE principle, you can get actively involved in exciting research activities right away, as well as embarking on your own projects. If you’d like to pursue a doctorate after graduating, we’ll be happy to support you – from finding a topic to publishing your thesis.

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University Administration
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University Administration
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