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Digital Summerschool Music Therapy & Dance and Movement Therapy

Do you want to learn about Music Therapy and Dance & Movement Therapy in Germany? Do you want to study in Germany’s most famous university town, Heidelberg? Do you want to internationalize your career?

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Musiktherapie-Studierende in Aktion

Our SRH Summer School for Music Therapy and Dance & Movement Therapy 2023 is an introduction to practices in Germany, with an emphasis on various approaches in each of the study programmes. Students experience Music Therapy and Dance & Movement Therapy interventions incorporating voice and songs, movement and improvisational methods.

Who is the programme for? This programme is designed for people interested in studying Music Therapy and Dance & Movement Therapy at the master’s level: students of music & dance, the health sciences, psychology, education, cultural studies, and related fields. We particularly encourage applications who are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Music Therapy and Dance & Movement Therapy at SRH Heidelberg University. We welcome all applicants, but students with high motivation to pursue the MA in Music Therapy and Dance & Movement Therapy at SRH will be given priority. Current university students may apply, as well as university graduates.

Please register to our event by July 17th.

Portraitfoto Sylka Uhlig
Prof. Dr. Sylka Uhlig

School of Therapeutic Sciences | Professor | Arts Therapy | Music Therapy


Assignments Getting ready for the Summer School 

  • Before the summer school, prepare a song/dance/movement from your own culture. You will use this song/dance/movement to introduce yourself. Music applicants should prepare to sing and accompany this song using an appropriate instrument.  
  • During the summer school, you will use Word (or a similar program) to write a learning diary 
  • Musicians, prepare to use your main instrument during the summer school. Other instruments (as available) should also be ready for use.  
  • Be sure you have reliable high-speed internet  
  • Download the newest ZOOM version 
  • Try to participate from a room with few interruptions and a quiet background 
  • As always, come with any questions you may have! 

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