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SRH University Heidelberg International Week 2024: Future Skills for Global Citizens

For our 14th SRH International Week we are excited to welcome our partners, and their students, back on Campus Heidelberg. Save the date and join us from 7th – 11th October 2024!

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International Week 2024: Future Skills for Global Citizens

Over the past 13 years, the SRH International Week has become a yearly meeting of colleagues turned collaborators turned friends and family. Mentors have brought their mentees to Heidelberg, the network has grown, connections became tighter, and even the Pandemic could not stop the collective efforts to stay in contact.

You're invited to our International Week at SRH Heidelberg, this year focusing on "Future Skills for Global Citizens"! 

Join us for a series of engaging lectures, workshops, and a keynote speech exploring the essential skills needed in today's interconnected world.

From AI to critical thinking to cultural competence, we'll delve into topics vital for success in a globalized society.

Experience an International Tasting showcasing diverse cuisines, visit local companies to gain insights into global industries, partake in social activities fostering global networking opportunities and this year’s special: join us on a bout cruise along the Neckar through picturesque Heidelberg! Don't miss this enriching opportunity to broaden your horizons and prepare for the future.

What to expect from this International Week 2024?

  • Monday starts with an Opening Ceremony, a keynote speech, some musical as well as dance performances and a kick-off in your chosen course. University presentations (max 3 minutes per partner university) will be presented by each student group and the day closes with a wonderful international tasting, with delights brought from your home country.
  • Students participate in one of the 18 courses, each with 20 contact hours. Each syllabus contains 4 questions which have to be prepared before arrival.
  • After Students attend their course in the mornings we will hop on a boat and cruise along the Neckar through Heidelberg! One of our special highlights this year!
  • On Wednesday you’ll have the opportunity to visit a global company in the Rhein-Neckar-Area. Thursdays are planned for city tours and exciting hikes! 
  • On Friday there is an assessment on your course and a farewell “Sekt and Soup”, before we say goodbye.

Participating students will get a certificate which they can use in their C.V. to apply for internships and jobs, as it shows your international mindset.

For SRH Students: Your participation at the International Week 2024 can be certified by the Career Development Center/ General studies and credits might be recognized towards your degree. Check with your faculty.

The participation fee for the International Week 2024 is 120€. Students from our partner universities receive a 30% discount (so the fee is 84 € and includes lunches and public transport ticket). SRH Students receive a 65% discount (so the fee is 42 €). While registering, please indicate the discount code you received from your university coordinator.

Portraitfoto Bettina Pauley
Bettina Pauley

International Office | Head of International Relations

Gruppenfoto International Week Teilnehmer:innen im Science Park

The registration is still closed and will open Tuesday 27th August 5 p.m.

Any questions?

We are happy to help you.