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Studying with SRH Scholarships

SRH Scholarhips

Scholarships for different purposes

In order to make it easier for talented prospective students and students to finance their studies, our university awards 16 scholarships every year for different purposes.

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SRH Scholarships
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SRH Scholarships

Purpose of the Scholarship

SRH University Heidelberg awards 16 SRH Scholarships to existing and new students each year. The scholarships are set up as full scholarships for the entire duration of the standard period of study. Scholarships may not be used for dual study programmes. In exchange for their award, scholarship holders are actively involved as ambassadors for the university.

How to apply for a Scholarship

The announcement for the application process is made once a year, at the beginning of the summer semester (1 April). The application period for the winter semester is from 15 June to 31 July, for the summer semester from 10 December to 31 January. Applications are made online via the university’s application portal, which is activated at the beginning of the application periods and can be accessed via the university website.

When submitting your application documents, please note that only complete applications submitted on time and in the proper form can be considered for a scholarship. Before you apply, please read the current Application Agreement of SRH University Heidelberg.

Portraitfoto Paula Placzek
The SRH scholarship has motivated me to keep doing my best.
Paula Placzek, SRH Scholarship, Master student Psychologie
Portraitfoto Verena Peipe
I saw the scholarship as a chance to finance my studies without having to take on several part-time jobs at once. I didn't hesitate and applied straight away.
Verena Peipe, SRH Scholarship, Master student Psychologie


The SRH Scholarship for gifted students in special life situations is divided into six categories:

  • Students with family
  • Students with disabilities
  • Young entrepreneurs
  • Talented pupils and students
  • Exceptional social commitment
  • Master's students

The SRH Scholarship is a full scholarship that covers the tuition fees for the standard period of study.

Applicants and students of the SRH University Heidelberg can apply for the SRH scholarship.

The funding lasts from the time of approval until the end of the standard period of study.

The SRH Scholarship is awarded twice a year and you can apply via the online application portal. The access link is only available during the application period.

Application period:

  • 15 June to 31 July for the winter semester.
  • 10 December to 31 January for the summer semester

Yes, you can apply for two scholarship categories at the same time.

In the application portal, please select one category and write under "Remarks" that you are also applying for the other category. Please remember to submit the relevant supporting documents for each category.

  • Letter of motivation for the scholarship
  • ONE letter of recommendation from a schoolteacher, a university lecturer, or a professor from the respective field of study
  • Current curriculum vitae (CV)
  • School-leaving certificate
  • If applicable, a current overview of grades from your previous studies
  • If applicable, certificate of a first university degree
  • Certificate of enrolment or signed study contract for applicants from EEA countries* or Final admission letter for applicants from non-EEA countries**
  • Proof for the respective scholarship category (e.g. birth certificate of your children, business concept paper, etc.)
  • If applicable, proof of special qualifications for the studies (e.g. proof of social engagement, special skills, language certificates, awards, experience abroad, certificates of internships relevant to the studies, certificates of vocational training, etc.).
  • If applicable, reasons that make it difficult or pose special challenges for your studies, e.g. financial or family difficulties, disabilities, etc.

*For applicants from EEA countries: Please note that you have to upload the signed study contract and pay the registration fee before the Scholarship Commission meets (early February for summer semester intake and early September for the winter semester intake).

**For applicants from non-EEA countries: You can apply with the Pre Admission Letter. However, you must submit the Final Admission Letter (and pay the fees) before the Scholarship Commission meets (early February for the summer semester intake and early September for the winter semester intake). If you are awarded the scholarship, the paid tuition fees will be refunded.


No, you need to create an extra account for the scholarship portal.

Yes, both rejections and acceptances will be sent by e-mail. The notification of results is usually in early March (for summer semester) or in early/mid-September (for winter semester).

No. Scholarship holders do not have to repay the funds they have received.

The selection board of the university decides on the award of scholarship. The selection board consists of professors, the rector, administrative staff and students of the SRH University Heidelberg.

Letter of motivation, academic achievements, letter of recommendation and the applicant's special life situation all play a role in the selection process. The applicant’s need for financial support is also an important criterion, e.g. financial difficulties, disabilities, etc.

Yes, you can apply for the SRH Scholarship several times.

According to §10 StipG, you are obliged to inform your scholarship office immediately of any changes in your circumstances that are relevant to the granting of the scholarship. This applies in particular to intended leaves of absence and changes of degree programme.

Scholarship holders

  • inform the SRH University Heidelberg in case of any circumstances that may lead to a loss of eligibility for funding (e.g. change of study programme, discontinuation of studies, loss of examination entitlement, changes in studies or hardship)
  • submit a performance record at the end of the semester
  • submit a report on the course of their studies once a year
  • engage at least once a year within the university or outside the university.

A detailed briefing will be given after the scholarship has been awarded.

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