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SRH Scholarships for Young Entrepreneurs


Invest more time in your own business

As a young business owner, it’s not easy to manage a degree at the same time – and financing it in addition to your own company is a real challenge! As an entrepreneur-friendly university, SRH University Heidelberg makes financing easier for young business owners through an SRH Scholarship so that they can devote themselves fully to their studies and their business idea.

Your funding

SRH Scholarships for Young entrepreneurs

The scholarship can be awarded to prospective students or students who have already founded their own business or have a start-up idea that they would like to develop.

If you would like to apply for the scholarship, you should have an enrolment or a regular application for a degree programme at SRH University Heidelberg. You should also meet the university entrance requirements and admission criteria for this degree programme. Dual degree programmes are excluded from the funding.

Please submit the following documents for the application:

  • Letter of motivation for the scholarship
  • ONE letter of recommendation from a schoolteacher, a university lecturer, or a professor from the respective field of study
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • If applicable, a current overview of grades from your previous studies
  • School-leaving certificate and if applicable, certificate of a first university degree
  • Certificate of enrolment or signed study contract for applicants from EEA countries* or Final admission letter for applicants from non-EEA countries**
  • 5-10 page paper of your business idea (to be developed or started)
  • If applicable, proof of special qualifications for the studies (e.g. proof of social commitment, special skills, language certificates, awards, experience abroad, certificates of internships relevant to the studies, certificates of vocational training, etc.).
  • If applicable, reasons that make it difficult or pose special challenges for your studies, e.g. financial or family difficulties, disabilities, etc.

*For applicants from EEA countries: Please note that you have to upload the signed study contract and pay the registration fee before the Scholarship Commission meets (early February for the summer semester intake and early September for the winter semester intake).

**For applicants from non-EEA countries: You can apply with the Pre Admission Letter. However, you must submit the Final Admission Letter (and pay the fees) before the Scholarship Commission meets (early February for summer semester intake and early September for the winter semester intake). If you are awarded the scholarship, the paid tuition fees will be refunded.

The application periods are:

  • 15 June to 31 July for the winter semester
  • 10 December to 31 January for the summer semester

The scholarship is a full scholarship. This means for you: You do not have to pay tuition fees during the standard period of study.


Apply now for your SRH Scholarship

How to apply for a Scholarship

Please submit your application via the application portal of SRH University Heidelberg. The portal is activated for the summer semester during the application period from 10 December to 31 January and for the winter semester from 15 June to 31 July.

Applications cannot be submitted outside the application periods. When submitting your application documents, please note that only complete applications submitted on time and in the correct form can be considered for a scholarship.

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