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Our School of Applied Psychology

Understanding human behaviour

Explaining human behaviour and applying psychological findings to practice and research: this is what drives us as a School. Innovative and practice-relevant Master’s programmes in the areas of business psychology, health psychology, sport psychology, neuropsychology and legal psychology, complemented by an undergraduate Bachelor’s programme, cover a wide spectrum of Applied Psychology in a future-oriented way.

Our philosophy
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Our philosophy

What makes your studies at our faculty so special

The School of Applied Psychology at SRH University Heidelberg is distinguished by its wide range of experts who bring together their expertise in the key areas of psychology.

From traditional basic fields to areas of specialisation, we offer you a wide range of options to help shape your future-oriented education: whichever area of study you choose, you’ll find the perfect professionally distinct yet well-established position after graduating.

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Psychology is a key science of the 21st century. A fundamental and solid education at our School opens up a wide range of career opportunities in research and practice.
Dipl.-Psych. Willi Neuthinger – Psychology B.Sc. Programme Director