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Studentinnen Sozial- und Rechtswissenschaften

Our School of Social and Legal Sciences

Cohesion through diversity

Our objective is to bring together law, social sciences and education in an interdisciplinary way, enabling us and students from each discipline to think outside the box. This means that, in addition to learning practice-relevant specialist knowledge, you’ll also gain the key transferable skills needed to embark on your career.

Our philosophy
Our philosophy

What makes your studies at our faculty so special

By studying at our School, you’ll not only benefit from an excellent range of specialist courses: in addition to sharing our knowledge with you, we will, above all, support your self-development.

By taking an integrated, interdisciplinary approach, you’ll learn to recognise future challenges and develop solutions to address them, as well as how to handle responsibility and complex activities. We will teach you academic knowledge in a practical way and introduce you to the diversity of your discipline and neighbouring disciplines – for a successful start to your career.

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