Become a sponsor on the academic path!

Meaningful support

Help the young generation to achieve their goals and support high-performing students with a Deutschlandstipendium. Sponsorship is possible even with very small amounts.


How the Alumni Fund works

Our Alumni Fund offers you the opportunity to give something back to your Alma Mater and positively influence the future of our students. Even small contributions starting at € 10 will help; you do not have to provide a full scholarship. As soon as the fund reaches the individual scholarship sum of € 1800, we convert it into a Deutschlandstipendium. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) tops up the scholarship by another € 1800, so that the scholarship holder receives a monthly amount of € 300.

Your commitment pays off in many ways:

  • You network with your Alma Mater and the students.
  • You enable the next generation to achieve their personal goals and thus also commit yourself to the future of our society.
  • In the case of donating a full scholarship, you become a mentor to a student. You can actively support them in shaping their studies and pass on your expertise to them. In return, you will receive exciting insights into research and student projects.
  • Your donation is tax-deductible
Your Donation How to donate your desired amount

Please transfer your desired amount to the following account:


  • Benficiary: SRH Hochschule Heidelberg GmbH
  • IBAN: DE06520604100205011434
  • Purpose: D-Scholarship Alumni-Fund


Receiving the Deutschlandstipendium fills me with great pride. It has shown that performance and commitment are worthwhile. I can only endorse the idea of the Alumni Fund to support students as an alumnus.

Pascal Jacob, Scholarship holder Deutschlandstipendium (ProMinent GmbH)

FAQ Your questions

You can help a student receive a full Deutschlandstipendium even with a very small donation, or you can decide to donate an entire scholarship. 


E-Mail to our Alumni Management

At the SRH University Heidelberg, the scholarship period begins each winter semester. You can make your donation at any time.

E-Mail to our Alumni Management

The university's selection committee decides on the awarding of the scholarship.

No. Only if you are giving a full scholarship you can decide to which faculty it will be awarded.

When sponsoring a total scholarship of 150€ per month for one year, you can get to know your student as a mentor. In the case of smaller donations, no scholarship holder will be assigned to you directly, but you will be given the opportunity to get to know all the students supported by the Deutschlandstipendium at networking events.

The Alumni Fund Scholarship is listed as a scholarship of the SRH alumni, individual persons are not named. 

Yes. The funds you provide can be claimed as tax-deductible expenses for tax-privileged purposes in accordance with Section 10b, Paragraph 1 of the German Income Tax Act. These can be taken into account with other donations for tax-privileged purposes up to an amount of 20 per cent of the total amount of income or four per mille of the sum of the total turnover and the wages and salaries spent in the calendar year. 

Your contact

If you have any questions about the Alumni Network, please contact our colleague Anja Loos. If you have any questions about the Deutschlandstipendium, please contact our colleague Sarah Meireles Grabe.