SRH Hochschule Heidelberg
Zwei Hände greifen sich gegenseitig mit einer Ukraine Flagge auf dem Handrücken

Showing strong support for Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine

Students and staff of SRH University Heidelberg are deeply moved by the fate of the Ukrainian people and show solidarity with them. But above all, they demonstrate practical commitment to people fleeing Ukraine.

Studying and accommodation

We help students from Ukraine

SRH University Heidelberg provides scholarships for Ukrainian students for the winter semester to finance their studies in Germany. We also expressly support lateral entrants and students taking up their studies with us as part of a semester abroad. In addition, students and staff from various schools have put together a whole package of initial emergency measures to help refugees.

Offers for refugees

Accommodation for refugees:

The Soul Support project run by the School of Applied Psychology, in which students offer psychological support and guidance, is collecting offers of a place to sleep. Email: or at

In addition, students from the university are collecting donations to help cover the cost of having displaced persons stay at their homes.

Psychological support:

Offers are currently being organised in the School of Therapeutic Sciences and the School of Applied Psychology. In acute cases, support is also initially provided by the Outpatient Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (Heidelberger Ambulanz für Psychotherapie).

Translators (Ukrainian and Russian):

The university pays for translation costs incurred by activities initiated by members of SRH University Heidelberg involving aid to Ukraine.