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We embrace diversity!

Diversity is our potential

We look at everyone from their own individual background and treat all people with respect, regardless of gender, religion, age, origin, sexual orientation, or physical or mental condition. We see diversity – in our team and among our students – as potential.

Das CORE Principle Studying and working in a welcoming, positive atmosphere

Our CORE study model focuses on the individual. That is why diversity is central to our mission: Developing the competences of every individual. This applies to both our staff and our students – we are on the same team! Diversity therefore also means social sustainability for us. Because everyone benefits from our diversity: It teaches us to take other perspectives, to critically examine our own ideas, to stand up for each other and to form our own opinions. That is precisely the goal of the CORE principle – it is what creates our university community. For us, it is also important to understand this topic as a continuous process: We are always grateful for new input and ideas.

Projects to support people from Ukraine, student initiatives for needy people at home and abroad – our diversity results in a vivid palette of activities at our university. Another example of our commitment to diversity is our support for the “Hier spielt Vielfalt” campaign in the Virtual Reality & Game Development degree programme.

Diversity, and above all respectful and tolerant cooperation, is also important to us in the working world. Flexible and remote work now goes without saying, at the latest since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Our campus is accessible to all. This means that our employees have the opportunity to get their work done regardless of location and time, whether they have a family or not, whether they have chronic illnesses or need care, whether they are old or young, or whether they are socially committed or face special challenges. This is also emphasised in our group-wide inclusion agreement, which commits all of us to equal opportunities for all employees.

We are committed to creating an open working environment for everyone, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or gender characteristics.

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Safer Space

Who we are

Students at SRH who have created an intersectional safe space at the university.

Who we are aimed at

Discriminated, queer, disabled, mentally ill, racist and/or neurodivergent students and allies.

What we want

Space for exchange and political work at the SRH

Angelika Pröll and Birte Rehm
Unsere Diversity-Beauftragten Birte Rehm und Angelika Pröll

Angelika Pröll and Birte Rehm Why diversity is so important for us

"As a university, we want to provide a platform where all university members and staff can find a space to freely develop and fully realize their potential. We have to maintain and further develop this platform. To this end, we observe current developments, take them up and integrate them into everyday university life. Ensuring quality in this process is a major concern for us. For example, we have been certified as a family-friendly university since 2010 and would like to intensify our work with external experts in the future. Living diversity and variety is a task for the university!"

Stories We embrace diversity!

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