Keeping fit and healthy at university

Studying at university can prove challenging, even without a pandemic. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! Not only is the university there to help you on your path to success – students also give each other support, providing a variety of services to help you keep fit and healthy at university.

Psychological support in difficult life situations

Are you going through a difficult phase in life, are your exams stressing you out, or are you struggling with the measures put in place because of the coronavirus? We want to help you not only cope with such phases in your life, but even emerge stronger than before. Perhaps you’re feeling fine, but just want to get a few tips and ideas? Then come and join us!

In a variety of 90-minute workshops on topics related to the soul, we want to share thoughts and ideas with each other, and provide a bit of background knowledge. After the workshop, we offer further support, which is optional and by no means mandatory.

You’ll find out more during the workshop or by contacting us directly (see below). By offering this service, we want to help you to feel (even) better.

The Soul Support team from the School of Applied Psychology, led by Professor Dr. Nadia Sosnowsky-Waschek, welcomes students from all schools (currently online only)! Come and join us!

Target group

All students from SRH University Heidelberg seeking support in a difficult situation.

This service is currently only available in German.

Who to contact:

Laura Petruk, Student of Psychology B.Sc.
Cornelia Keller, Alumna of Health Psychology B.Sc.

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Exam anxiety, learning difficulties or zero motivation? Individual coaching helps you to overcome these barriers. It will also enable you to see your goals more clearly, e.g. in the transition to your internship or the world of work. Coaching is also helpful if you want to optimise your performance. Prof. Dr. Susanne Edinger, Learning & Teaching Coach ECA, is available to you as a coach. 

Coaching is also generally available in English.

Tips and advice in the coronavirus crisis

In addition to coaching, you’ll also find lots of tips on learning and taking exams on our Wir-Online student platform. From April 2021, we are offering a special workshop on self-management in everyday online life as part of the General Studies programme, along the lines of: avoiding insanity at university!

This service is currently only available in German.

Yoga introductory courses

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Data protection notice

Personal data that you provide when contacting us will be treated confidentially at all times and will only be used within the project to be able to respond to your request. If, in addition to contacting us, you participate in online workshops or meetings for sharing information, we expressly point out that you, as a participant, are also required to treat the information or experiences shared on such occasions with respect and confidentiality.

Your data will be deleted upon termination of participation or at your explicit request. If you have any detailed questions about data protection in a particular project, please contact those responsible for the project.

The Data Privacy Policy of SRH University Heidelberg also applies. If you have any specific concerns about data protection, feel free to contact

Who to contact in the event of sexual harassment

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