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Fit and healthy through your studies

Keeping fit and healthy at university

Studying at university can prove challenging, not to mention current crises such as inflation or family illness.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone! Besides the university being there to help you on your path to success, our students also give each other support, providing a variety of services to help you keep fit and healthy at university. 

Sports and Exercise

Keeping fit will help you cope with the demands of studying!

Campus Sports

Are you looking for a balance to your studies? Then why not have a go at some of our campus sports: at the heart of our green campus in Wieblingen, we have a wide range of opportunities for you to be active, try new sports and take part in courses. 

Make the most of this opportunity: continue to train at university and get your career off to a flying start!

Physiotherapy on campus

If you’re not so physically fit and need a little more support, you’re also welcome to make use of our physiotherapy services on campus!

Our outpatient clinic is a modern physiotherapy practice located on the SRH campus. Accepted by all types of health insurance, both statutory and private.

Erstsemester treiben gemeinsam Sport vor unserem Campus Sports
Physiotherapeutin betreut Patienten am Laufband

We can help you with crises big and small!

Open Ear

Self-doubt? Overtaxation? Stress? None of these problems are unfamiliar to students on the Master’s programme in “Social Work: Psychosocial Counselling and Health Promotion”. They have experienced these problems first hand and know how to deal with them from their studies. In the Open Ear student project, our students give you comprehensive advice and lots of valuable tips. 


Exam anxiety, learning difficulties or zero motivation? Individual coaching helps you to overcome these barriers. It will also enable you to see your goals more clearly, e.g. in the transition to your internship or the world of work. Coaching is also helpful if you want to optimise your performance. Or would you benefit from thesis coaching to help you overcome writer’s block? All our coaching services are, of course, available online and in English. All students can receive support for up to three individual sessions, the cost of which is covered by SRH University Heidelberg.

The service is only provided in german

Heidelberg Academy for Psychotherapy

Heidelberg Academy for Psychotherapy (or HAP for short) is not only the place where budding child and adolescent psychotherapists learn their profession, it’s also where many children and young people receive psychotherapeutic treatment at the institute’s outpatient clinic.

Students under the age of 21 (patients with statutory health insurance) can come here for therapeutic support.

Advice for students with physical or mental disabilities

At our university, students with mental or physical disabilities receive the best possible support. SRH University Heidelberg was established in 1969 as an “institution for the vocational rehabilitation of people with disabilities”, and we remain committed to this tradition. After all, our goal is to ensure that all our students can embark on a successful career after graduation.

Our contact persons Professor Dr. Christian G. Johannsen and Professor Dr. sc. Hum. Maren Bösel will be happy to answer any questions you may have about studying with a disability.

Music therapy and dance movement therapy at the Heidelberg Campus

Learn how to make creative therapies work for you: Non-verbal media such as music, dance and movement are used in creative therapy to help people perceive, feel and express emotions where words sometimes fail. It will also be an opportunity for you to develop your resources as well as your communication and interpersonal skills, which will be of benefit to you in the world of work.

Corinna, Sophia, Annalena und Barbara bieten mit "Open Ear" eine psychosoziale Beratung für ihre Mitstudierenden an.
Studentin gestikuliert mit ihren Hände während sie spricht
Lachender Mann im Rollstuhl
Frau tanzt mit einem Tuch in der Hand

Creative therapy options for SRH students

Our SRH teaching outpatient clinic for dance movement therapy offers counselling and advisory services in the following areas: 

  • Striking a healthy balance between studying and everyday life
  • Mindfulness and relaxation
  • Discovering and nurturing resources
  • Self-competence
  • Personal needs awareness and regulation
  • Unleashing creativity
  • Finding your own rhythm

You do not need to have any creative, musical or dance skills.


  • Free trial session
  • SRH students: € 10 per 45-minute unit for four units (the remaining costs will be covered proportionally by SRH)
  • Self-payers: € 60 per 45-minute unit

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Anna-Louisa Borchers, Head of the Campus Outpatient Clinics for Music Therapy and Dance Movement Therapy, will be happy to help you.

Data protection notice

Personal data that you provide when contacting us will be treated confidentially at all times and will only be used within the project to be able to respond to your request. If, in addition to contacting us, you participate in online workshops or meetings for sharing information, we expressly point out that you, as a participant, are also required to treat the information or experiences shared on such occasions with respect and confidentiality.

Your data will be deleted upon termination of participation or at your explicit request. If you have any detailed questions about data protection in a particular project, please contact those responsible for the project.

The Data Privacy Policy of SRH University Heidelberg also applies. If you have any specific concerns about data protection, feel free to contact


We are here for you.

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