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Access to electronic sources

By providing our Digital Library, we offer you access to the University Library’s electronic resources. You gain access to specialist and multidisciplinary databases, interdisciplinary specialist information portals, and electronic full texts (eJournals and eBooks). You can use the Electronic Journals Library to search for electronic journal titles.

For licensing reasons, access is only possible from computers in the university's campus network. However, students and staff of SRH University Heidelberg can also access the library’s electronic media from the comfort of their home using EZProxy. EZProxy is a convenient access solution that does not require the installation of additional software or plugins. The login is simply done with the university ID after selecting the desired research source.

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For a comprehensive search of articles from journals and other specialist information, we recommend our databases.

These databases contain specialist information on one or more subjects. Depending on the database, the information is available in the form of full texts (e.g. whole journal articles), bibliographical references (formal information such as the title, author, book, journal, title of article) or facts (statistics, lexical entries).

These databases are not linked to the library’s print collection.

The Database Information System (DBIS) is a cooperative service making available scientific databases, dictionaries and other sources of information.

The comprehensive directory lists free and licensed scientific databases, the formal aspects and content of which are described here. DBIS also contains numerous digital media that are financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (​German Research Foundation, DFG) via the “national licences” project. The databases licensed by the university are also indexed.

The information can be arranged alphabetically or by subject; the advanced search also offers the option of searching by keyword. It is also possible to search by database type, among other things, in the individual faculties.

With a view to sustainably improving the provision of electronic specialist information at German higher education institutions, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG) funds the acquisition of so-called national licences.

The products acquired are databases, digital text collections and electronic journals. The objective is to provide researchers, students and academically interested private individuals with free access to databases, digital text collections and electronic journals.

If individuals with a permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany are unable to gain access via their scientific library, they may register for free access as an individual.



The University Library offers its users a wide range of journals in full text: online editions of print subscriptions, eJournals from licensed databases, and freely available eJournals. The eJournals can be accessed on campus or by remote access (authentication with university ID).

The Electronic Journals Library (EZB) is a catalogue of electronic journals. You can search for a specific journal or view all journals in a particular subject area.

Availability is displayed using a traffic light system:

  • Green: freely accessible
  • Amber: enabled for members of SRH Heidelberg UAS
  • Amber/red: only accessible for some of the published volumes
  • Red: not accessible

The EZB is not a tool used to search for journal articles on a specific topic. To do this, please use our databases.

The following search portals for journal content that are relevant for our university are not included in the database overview:

  • SpringerLink (D/E – more than 2.300 journals published by Springer - multidisciplinary)

Be sure to uncheck the box "Include Preview Only Content" (= paid content)! In the left-hand column, you can restrict the search result to eJournal content by selecting the option "Article"; otherwise all licensed content of the university will be displayed.

Please perform your search first and then restrict to "Journals". (Please do not restrict to "Open Access Content"!) The vast majority of the displayed articles (from publication year 1997) are freely available for university members.

  • ScienceDirect (D/E - more than 2.500 journals published by Elsevier - multidisciplinary)

Please perform your search first and then restrict to „Review-„ and „Research articles”. (Please do not restrict to "Open Access & Open Archive"!) The vast majority of these articles are freely available to university members.

  • PsyJOURNALS (D/E – journals published by Hogrefe Publishing Group – Psychology)

Before carrying out the SEARCH, open "ADVANCED" at the bottom left and select the option "Only content I have full access to". Then only the licensed articles will be listed in the results.

Student sitzt mit Laptop und Kopfhörern in der Bibliothek


We have several thousand electronic books on offer for you, which you can access from all computers in the university LAN. These are eBooks that the library has purchased or licensed for university members via databases or so-called DFG national licences. You can also access these eBooks from the comfort of your home using EZProxy (authentication with university ID).


Overview of our eBook offers

Please note the general terms of use and current copyright regulations.

The licensed eMedia offer is subject to copyright; in addition, the following terms of use apply:

  • Only members of SRH University Heidelberg are permitted to access full texts.
  • The full texts may only be printed or saved for personal use, or for teaching and research purposes. Any commercial reuse is prohibited.
  • The systematic downloading of articles or search results, especially using robots, is prohibited. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in access to the publisher’s server being blocked for the entire campus.
  • Full texts may not be passed on to third parties in either electronic or printed form.
  • Authors’ names and copyright information may not be altered or deleted.
  • Specific terms of use applicable to individual providers can be found on the relevant publisher’s website.
  • Ebook Central (ProQuest) | All disciplines | Language: D/E | Download, print, save: by page or chapter
  • EBSCO – eBook Collection | All disciplines | Language: D/E | Download, print, save: by page or chapter
  • UTB.elibrary | All disciplines (textbooks) | Language: D | Download, print, save: by chapter
  • WISO | Subject area: Economics and Social Sciences | Language: D | Download, print, save: whole text or by chapter
  • Beck-Online | Subject area: Law | Language: D | Download, print, save: by page
  • Brill-Online (2006–2008) | Subject area: International Law | Language: E | Download, print, save: whole text
  • Duncker & Humblot eLibrary (1996–2005) | Subject area: Economics | Language: D | Download, print, save: whole text
  • (Elsevier) Handbooks in Economics Series (1981–2021) | Subject area: Economics | Language: E | Download, print, save: by chapter
  • Emerald eBook Collection (1991–2019) | Subject area: Economics | Language: E | Download, print, save: by chapter
  • HERDT All you can read | All disciplines, Computer Science | Language: D | Download, print, save: whole text
  • Karger eBooks Collection (1997–2013) | Subject area: Medicine | Language: E | Download, print, save: by chapter
  • Nomos eLibrary (2017–2020) | All disciplines | Language: D/E | Download, print, save: whole text
  • Science Direct (1949–2008) | Subject area: Mathematics | Language: E | Download, print, save: by chapter
  • SpringerLink | All disciplines | Language: D/E | Download, print, save: whole text
  • Walhalla ContentSelect | Subject area: Social Management, Social and Business Law | Language: D | Download, print, save: by chapter

The portal, operated by the Leipzig University Library, not only allows you to search for publications and films in the area of Communication, Media and Film Studies, but also to access 15,000 eBooks, after registering for free.

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After registering for free with bookboon, you can access German- and English-language textbooks, most of which have been written by professors or specialists from industry. The short textbooks provide an introduction to a particular topic.

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De Gruyter Open

More than 900 items in various subject areas are available in PDF and EPUB format.

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Directory of Open Access Books

DOAB is a catalogue of freely available eBooks in various subject areas that have been published under an open access licence. Numerous publishers, such as Springer, De Gruyter and Brill, and many university presses participate in the project.

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An information system where dissertations and theses are published. This portal enables users to search for electronic university publications from the collections of the German National Library and the Swiss National Library, and download them in full text.

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OAPEN Library

The OAPEN Library is a repository for publishing OA eBooks that hosts scholarly books throughout Europe, primarily from the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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The Gutenberg project

The Gutenberg-DE project offers German-language books free of charge, chapter by chapter, as individual HTML web pages. In most cases, the texts are by authors who passed away more than 70 years ago and whose works are therefore in the public domain, i.e. no longer subject to copyright.

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Rheinwerk Openbook

Rheinwerk Verlag (formerly Galileo Press) offers a selection of IT specialist books for free online reading. They are HTML versions of complete books from the publisher’s list.

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After registering for free with the “ZB MED – Information Centre for Life Sciences”, you’ll have access to several thousand eBooks from the fields of Agricultural Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, Health, Medicine, Environmental Sciences and related areas.

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Federal laws and regulations

Nearly the entire body of federal law is available on the internet, free of charge. All current laws and regulations can be accessed. They are continuously consolidated by the Documentation Centre at the Federal Office of Justice.

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Administrative provisions of the Federal Government

An extensive database containing current administrative regulations issued by the supreme federal authorities. The database contains “living documents”, i.e. the federal departments continuously update the documents they have posted.

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State Law of Baden-WĂĽrttemberg

A free platform for the entire body of state law, all current laws, regulations and administrative regulations of Baden-WĂĽrttemberg, as well as important federal and EU regulations.

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EUR-Lex (European law)

EUR-Lex is a portal offering instant and free access to European Union law and other public documents of the European Union.

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