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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Enver Doruk Özdemir

School of Engineering and Architecture | Professor | Study Programme Director International Business & Engineering (M. Eng.) | Country Ambassador Turkey

Room: BS 11, OG 3, 312b
Fax: +49 6221 6799-302
Phone: +49 6221 6799-328
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About me

About me

Professor at SRH University Heidelberg
German Aerospace Center (DLR) - Institute of Vehicle Concepts

Team leader / Project leader – Road vehicles

University of Stuttgart - Institute of Energy Economics and Rational Energy Use

Team leader

University of Stuttgart - Institute of Energy Economics and Rational Energy Use

Research Assistant

Middle East Technical University (Ankara/Turkey)

Teaching Assistant (Mechanical Engineering Department)


I have contributed to these publications


  • Kugler, U., Ehrenberger, S., Brost, M., Dittus H., and Özdemir, E.D., 2016, “Real-world driving, energy demand and emissions of electrified vehicles”, Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering, Volume 6, Issue 4 - (Special Issue: Transport and Air Pollution)
  • Redelbach, M., Özdemir, E.D., Friedrich, H.E., 2014, Optimizing battery sizes of plug-in hybrid and extended range electric Vehicles for different user types”, Energy Policy, Volume 73, Pages 158-168
  • Telsnig, T., Tomaschek, J., Özdemir, E.D., Bruchof, D., Fahl, U., Eltrop, L., 2013, “Assessment of selected CCS technologies in electricity and synthetic fuel production for CO2 mitigation in South Africa”, Energy Policy, Volume 63, Pages 168–180
  • Özdemir, E.D., Hartmann, N., 2012, “Impact of electrical range and fossil fuel prices on the economics of plugin hybrid vehicles and GHG abatement costs in Germany”, Energy Policy, Volume: 46 Pages: 185-192
  • Özdemir, E.D., Marathe, S. D., Tomaschek, J., Dobbins, A., Eltrop, L., 2012, “Economic and environmental analysis of solar water heater utilization in Gauteng province, South Africa”, Journal of Energy in Southern Africa (SCI-Expanded), Volume: 23 Issue: 2 Pages: 2-19
  • Tomaschek, J., Özdemir, E.D., Fahl, U., Eltrop, L., 2012, “Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Abatement Costs of Biofuel Production in South Africa”, Global Change Biology Bioenergy, Volume: 4 Issue: 6 Pages: 799-810
  • Cardoso, R.S., Özdemir, E.D., Eltrop, L., 2012, “Environmental and economic assessment of international bioethanol trade options for the German transport sector”, Biomass and Bioenergy, Vol. 36, Pages 20-30
  • Özdemir, E.D., Härdtlein, M., Jenssen, T., Zech, D., Eltrop, L., 2011, “A confusion of tongues or the art of aggregating indicators – Reflections on three projective methodologies on sustainability measurement of renewable heating technologies”, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 15, Issue 5, June 2011, Pages 2385-2396
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  • Özdemir, E.D., Aksel, M. H. and Sisman; T. Ç., 2007, “Implementation of Rotation into a Two dimensional Euler Solver”, Modeling, Simulation & Control B, Vol. 76, No.6, Pages: 1-19

Non Peer-Review

  • Weyrauther, S., Özdemir, E.D., 2018, „Analyse eines nach dem Atkinson-Zyklus arbeitenden Kurbeltriebs“, MTZ, Februar, 60-65
  • Brokate, J., Özdemir, E. D., Kugler, U., 2013, „Der PKW-Markt bis 2040: Was das Auto von morgen antreibt“, Projektbericht
  • Blesl, M., Bruchhof, D., Hartmann, N., Özdemir, E.D., Fahl,U., Eltrop, L., Voß, A., 2009, “Entwicklungsstand und Perspektiven der Elektromobilität“, Projektbericht
  • Fahl,U., Härdtlein, M., Özdemir, E.D., Rath-Nagel, S., Remme, U., Eltrop, L., 2009, “Möglichkeiten der LNG-Nutzung in Baden-Württemberg “, Projektbericht
  • Peplowska, M., Härdtlein, M., Kruck, C., Özdemir, E.D., Eltrop, L., „Methodische Grundlagen und Beispiele für die Berechnung von CO2- Vermeidungskosten für Biogasanlagen“, IER Veröffentlichungsreihe
  • IER, DEU, VKF, ZES, 2007, “Evaluierung eines Gas-FlexFuel-Konzeptes zur Erzeugung und Nutzung biogener Kraftstoffe – Evaluation of a Gas-Flex Fuel Concept for Production and Utilization of Biogenic Fuels”, Project Report
  • Swider, D., Voß, A., Özdemir, E.D., et al., 2006, “Guiding a least cost grid integration of res-electricity in an extended Europe. Case studies on conditions and costs for RES-E grid integration”, Green-Net, Projektbericht

Book chapters

  • Eltrop, L., Härdtlein, M., Jenssen, T., Özdemir, E.D., Henßler, M., Kruck, C., (2014), “Grundlagen und Planung von Bioenergieprojekten “, FNR, Weidner, Rostock
  • Eltrop, L., Härdtlein, M., Jenssen, T., Henßler, M., Kruck, C., Özdemir, E.D., (2014), „Leitfaden Feste Biobrennstoffe“ Kapitel 1, 4, 5 und 6 in 2014 Edition, FNR, Weidner, Rostock
  • Özdemir, E.D., Marathe, S. D., (2013), “Ecological Footprint – the example of Gauteng region”, Kapitel 4
    in “Glances at Renewable and Sustainable Energy, –Principles, approaches and methodologies for an ambiguous benchmark”, Jenssen, T.(Editor), Springer
  • Telsnig, T., Özdemir, E.D., Eltrop, L., (2013), „ The role of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants for South Africa´s electricity generation”, Kapitel in “Energy and Sun”, Eltrop, L., Telsnig, T., Fahl, U. (Editors), Jovis
  • Telsnig, T., Özdemir, E.D., Marathe, S.M., Tomaschek, J., Eltrop, L., (2013), „ Solar energy technologies – GHG abatement costs and potentials for Gauteng”, Kapitel in “Energy and Sun”, Eltrop, L., Telsnig, T., Fahl, U. (Editors), Jovis

Conference papers and lectures


  • Kleiner, F., Özdemir, E. D., Schmid, S. Beermann, M., Catay, B. Moran, B. Lim, O.T., Friedrich, H. E., 2015, “Electrification of transport logistic vehicles: A techno-economic assessment of battery and fuel cell electric transporter”, EVS28 International Electric Vehicle Symposium, 3.-6. Mai, KINTEX, Korea.
  • Eltrop, L., Özdemir, E.D., Annegarn, H., 2010, “Sustainable energy supply for the urban poor – technology evaluation and experiences from South Africa and Gauteng City Region (EnerKey-Project)”,AAG Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., USA
  • Özdemir, E.D., Marathe, S.D., Tomaschek, J., Eltrop, L., 2009, “Role of solar water heaters in Gauteng province”, South Africa, ISES Solar World Conference 2009, Johannesburg, Südafrika
  • Özdemir, E.D., König, A,. Eltrop, L., 2008, “Evaluation of biogas and biomass gasification pathways”, BIOGASTECH workshop, TÜBITAK MRC Gebze Campus, Türkei
  • Özdemir, E.D., Härdtlein, M., Eltrop, L., 2007, “Auswirkungen des Handels von Bio-Treibstoffen zur Abdeckung der EU-Ausbauziele auf den Flächenbedarf ”, 3. Forum Bioenergie Proceedings, Berlin


  • Schimeczek, C., Özdemir, E.D., Schmid, S., 2016, Effectiveness of Monetary and Non-Monetary Incentives on the Purchase of Plug-in Electric Vehicles Considering National and Regional Frameworks Within the European Union, ETC - European Transport Conference 2016, 5 - 7 October 2016, Barcelona.
  • Özdemir, E. D., Tosun, H. B., 2015, “Total Cost of Ownership Analysis for Passenger Cars in Turkey”, International Association for Energy Economics -IAEE International Conference, 25-27. Mai. 2015, Antalya, Türkei
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  • Özdemir, E. D., Ehrenberger, S., Kleiner, F., Gerner, S., Keller, M., 2014, “Integrated Assessment of Fuel Cell Powertrain Concepts”, H2 Expo, 23.-26. Sept. 2014, Hamburg.
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