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Opportunities can present themselves in unexpected ways.

Find out more about our Master Alumni student Srishti Patil, who completed her Master's degree at SRH University in Heidelberg in 2021.

Tell us, what are you doing right now and what does your professional life look like?

In my role as a Power Platform Consultant at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, together with my Team, I focus on advancing the integration of the Power Platform within the organization. My responsibilities encompass overseeing the community and its activities and managing change. A typical day involves engaging in calls with community members to address their challenges and strategizing ways to enhance platform adoption.

What makes your industry so exciting for you?

In today's context, I consider IT and change management to be crucial elements. My fascination with these subjects grew during my time as a working student pursuing my Masters. I am enthusiastic about exploring the Power Platform, a prominent Low Code technology that incorporates AI and facilitates automation. This platform enables businesses to autonomously create Low Code solutions, reducing dependence on IT. Moreover, its integration into a company requires a shift in people's mindsets

How do you imagine your future professional career? What career paths, opportunities for advancement or professional fields would you like to pursue in the next few years?

Looking ahead a few years, my goal is to become a Change Manager, overseeing change initiatives with a team. To achieve this, I've strategically pursued relevant certifications. In March of this year, I achieved the Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) from the Project Management Institute.

Application processes are always exciting. How do you remember this phase immediately after graduation? Were there any particular challenges?

The application process proved to be challenging, yet it provided invaluable insights. I discovered the importance of tailoring my CV and Cover Letter for each application. Despite facing numerous rejections, I persevered and focused on self- improvement. This is a valuable lesson that every student should bear in mind. Fortunately, my persistence paid off, leading to a successful transition from a working student role to a Trainee Position at Heidelberg Materials AG.

What else to you like to say…

- It is very important to gain practical experience during your studies. It also helps you explore different industries and apply what you learn in the classroom to the real world. 
- Keep your eyes and ears open. Opportunities can come in unexpected ways.

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