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The topping for your studies: Get involved in the future workshop on microcredentials and badges

Students from all faculties are invited to help shape the future of the university on April 20 from 2 to 7 pm. Food and exciting new insights will be provided!

Microcredentials and badges - that sounds like gibberish to some at first. We talked to our two Student Digital Transformation Agents, Louis and Alina, about what this topic is all about and how students can benefit from getting involved in the Future Workshop on this topic.

How did you guys come up with the topic for the next Future Workshop? I'm sure not all students are familiar with microcredentials and badges.

Alina: We came up with the idea in collaboration with the University Forum on Digitalization, in which we are active as Digital Transformation Agents and as representatives of SRH University Heidelberg. Bold future perspectives are on the agenda here, and this topic fit in very well. Because two trends are dominating the job market: Individualization, in order to stand out from the competition, and lifelong learning - I can combine both very well in this project.

Incidentally, this topic is also on our minds at the European level: The European Co-mission invited me to a workshop in Barcelona last week as part of the European Digital Education Hub. With 34 other people from 16 different countries, we worked out together, among other things, the goals and the pros and cons of microcredentails. On the third and fourth day, I participated in the master class. For two days participants got different impulse lectures, how the current situation is around the world, what which country or university is already doing and what the difficulties are. 
In these four days I have gained a lot of new knowledge, new ideas and impulses. I am looking forward to bringing these to the university, of course also in the future workshop on April 20! In August, we will continue to work together in a working group on the topic of microcredentials.

What do our students get out of certificates like badges and microcredentials?

Louis: A badge is a digital certificate that I can pin to my social media profiles. Let's take the example of sustainability: If I apply for a job where this topic is important, a badge in this area can set me apart from my competitors. Because a badge shows that you have actively dealt with the topic and have competencies in this area. 
Alina: The badges, such as accounting courses, not only help me in the professional world, but also help me personally, for example, if I want to start my own business. So you can also develop yourself and take courses that have nothing to do with your actual studies, and you also get a digital receipt for it. 

And what are microcredentials and where are they published?
Louis: A microcredential is a type of certification that can be integrated into the overall degree program, so it's part of a larger program. They can expand the expertise and skills you need to advance your career. For example, an architect might take courses in spatial psychology and accounting to prepare for self-employment. Both badges and microcredentials are great to place on your resume or on platforms like LinkedIn or Xing.

You chose the topic of Microcredentials and Badges for the next Future Workshop. What do students get out of participating in this event?
Alina: The Future Workshop is a great way to connect all the actors: inside and develop new ideas. This is not a project of ours, but of all university members. Students and university employees from all faculties and areas think together about what a desirable future for our university could be and how we could make this future come true.
Louis: Working with faculty and staff is also a super opportunity for students. Here they can demonstrate their future-oriented thinking.
Alina: On 20.04.2023, it all starts at 2 pm. Two students from each faculty can participate. Of course, food and drinks will be provided. So register quickly before your faculty spots are already booked up!

Unsere Student Digital Transformation Agents Louis und Alina freuen sich auf die nächste Zukunftswerkstatt am 20. April
Our Student Digital Transformation Agents Louis and Alina are looking forward to the Future Workshop on April 20, to which students and employees of the university are cordially invited.