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Literature management programmes

Benefit from the extensive possibilities of a literature management programme for your scientific work.

Use of literature management programmes

  • You can import literature references from catalogues and databases, archive them systematically, and export them to your word processing programme in a variety of citation styles.
  • You can manage and annotate your own literature holdings in a structured manner.
  • In addition, the programmes help you organize knowledge and create scientific texts.
  • Some offer you the possibility of accessing your data online via various devices.


Citavi supplements the classic features of literature management programmes with additional functions such as options for knowledge organisation and task planning. The focus is on research in subject databases and library catalogues as well as on the creation and output of texts according to specifications of certain citation styles.

All students and employees of the SRH University Heidelberg who have a valid university account can use Citavi free of charge. Feel free to see further explanations on the use of Citavi here.

Furthermore, there are written instructions and video tutorials from the provider to support you. For questions regarding CITAVI, please contact Professor Dr. Marc Kirschbaum.

ZOTERO - Free (of charge) literature management for Firefox, Chrome and Safari

Zotero is a free literature management programme that runs on all operating systems and in interaction with the Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. Originally, it was a browser extension for Firefox. However, since version 5 Zotero is a standalone programme that works with the mentioned browsers.

The functions include collecting, organising, citing and synchronizing literature data. In addition, there is the possibility to share this data with other users over the network. Citations can be transferred from websites to the literature management system at the click of a mouse. This also applies to any associated full texts.

The creation of bibliographic lists is done by right-clicking on the collection of bibliographic data previously created in Zotero. Special plug-ins exist for integration into word processing programs.

You have access to multilingual online documentation and numerous screencast tutorials.


Common citation formats, such as APA or MLA, are supported by the programme and are pre-installed. In addition, the Zotero Style Repository offers almost 9,000 citation styles for installation in Zotero. Even while hovering over one of the styles on the overview page, you get an exemplary display with bibliographic information formatted in that style.

In addition, you can import and export data in a file format used by other literature management programs, for example RIS, Refer or BibTeX.

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