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Erasmus+ for your study abroad semester

Your are a degree seeking student and you have been studying at SRH University Heidelberg for at least one year? Then you are eligible for application at the Erasmus+ programme. 

Your mobility funding
Your mobility funding

Amount of funding 2024/2025

(Study abroad semesters starting 1 July 2023 or later)

The Erasmus+ mobility funding depends on the country group. Min. 2 – max. 12 months can be funded if you study abroad at one of our European Erasmus+ partner schools. You will get the Erasmus+ funding in 2 rates, 70 % shortly before your departure, 30 % after your return (after the completion of all formalities).

  • Country group 1 – € 600 per month for studies in Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden
  • Country group 2 – € 540 per month for studies in Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus
  • Country group 3 – € 490 per month for studies in Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech. Republic, Turkey, Hungary
  • Study abroad semesters in international Non-EU partner countries (only possible if you are nominated from your faculty to study at certain international partner schools outside EU): 700 €/monthUK: 600 €/month

New: Top-ups for certain students:

The following top-ups are possible. They are for students who:

  • “Travel green” (Travelling by train, bus or carpool). One-time top-up of 50 EUR and upt to 4 funded extra travel days for certain Non-EU partner countries (attach the form “declaration of honour” to your application!).
  • Make a study abroad semester with their children – top-up 250 €/month
  • have a degree of disability of min. 20 or a chronic disease which causes an increased financial demand (proof is required!) – top-up 250 €/month or we can make a so-called “Langantrag” for an additional funding of up to 15.000 € for real costs
  • come from a non-academic family (both parents have never studied!) or students who have to work for their studies (attach the for “declaration of honour fewer opportunities to your application!) – top-up 250 €/month

There is no guarantee to Erasmus+ funding! 

How to apply

Getting ready your documents

Before your studies abroad

First you have to apply in your faculty for a study abroad semester, afterwards you will be nominated at the partner university. Therefor please turn to the international coordinator of your faculty. When you have been successful please submit the following forms to the International Office, Erasmus+ coordinator Iris Ulbrich. After max 4 weeks you will get the 1st rate of your Erasmus+ funding.

  • Prepare an Erasmus+ OLA (Online Learning Agreement, manual on the right side). Please read the manual and coordinate your course choice and the contact dates of your contact persons at your university abroad with your „Student Exchange Coordinator“  
  • Erasmus+ Grant Agreement (agreement with your data, your account number and exact dates of your study abroad semester).
  • Insurance declaration filled and signed.

Care for your health, liability and accident insurance. For questions you can refer to the International Office. We propose the combined insurance of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service (verlinken mit: ) as this insurance covers almost all risks.

After beginning your studies abroad

  • At the 1st day after your arrival let the Arrival Form sign at the International Office of your guest university and send this document to the Erasmus+ coordinator Iris Ulbrich.
  • If you want to change your courses, you have to change the Erasmus+ OLA (therefore log in your OLA-Account) or you have to make a new OLA
  • During the last week at your guest university let the total duration of your stay confirm by letting the Erasmus+ Confirmation Letter sign at the International Office of your guest university.

After the end of your studies abroad

  • Send the Erasmus+ Confirmation letter to the Erasmus+ coordinator Iris Ulbrich. 
  • Fill the „EU-Survey“ as soon as you have received the request for it by email.

​​​​​​Please note that the SRH university Heidelberg is obliged by the DAAD/European Commission to collect personal data of all ERASMUS participants and to provide the European Commission with it. This procedure complies with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). By signing the Erasmus+ documents, you confirm that you are aware of and consent to this agreement.

Portraitfoto Iris Ulbrich
Iris Ulbrich

Erasmus und Stipendien

Documents for your studies abroad

Student Exchange Coordinators of our University

Good to know!


This depends on your study course, you can get the information from your study dean.

All German and international degree seeking students who have been studying at SRH university Heidelberg for at least one year are eligible for application.

  • For a stay starting before May 1, the deadline for the Erasmus+ application is March 15.
  • For a stay starting before December 31, the deadline for the Erasmus+ application is October 15.