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What is Promos?

Are you planning an internship or studies abroad, outside the EU? The Promos-programme from the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Auslandsdienst) sets its focus on the funding of travel costs.

Your mobility funding
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Your mobility funding

Admission requirements

This programme from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is funded by financial means from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The scholarship consists of a one-off payment for travel costs according to DAAD-rates (depending on the country and on the DAAD grants).

For the award of PROMOS scholarships the criteria is predetermined from DAAD and BMBF as follows:

  • Qualification/academic performance of the student
  • Justification for the mobility
  • Language competence, if neccessary for the mobility
  • For an internship the payment is relevant

There is no legal claim to a PROMOS scholarship.

Your application

Getting your documents ready

For the application please upload the following documents with the subject heading “PROMOS scholarship” within our SRH Scholarship portal:

  • Motivation letter for the internship or study abroad semester
  • CV/Resume
  • For internships: scanned copy of the internship contract including details of the payment
  • For studies: scanned confirmation of the partner school or confirmation of your faculty that you will be nominated for a study abroad semester
  • Transcript of courses (print out of Campusnet, not older than 2 weeks before application)
  • Language certificates (as far as available and obligatory, for semesters abroad e.g. in USA, Australia etc. you need a TOEFL or IELTS certificate)
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Iris Ulbrich

Erasmus und Stipendien

Good to know!


German and international students who are enrolled for a Bachelor or Master degree can apply. You need to have an internship contract at a non-European company or institution or the confirmation for a study abroad semester outside Europe.


The application deadlines are:

  • March 31 for mobilities in the 1st half-year (Application possible from January 1) 
  • July 31 for mobilities in the 2nd half-year (Applicaton possible from June 1)

The scholarships are offered every year.

A Minimum duration of 4 weeks for internships and 1 month for study abroad is required (max. 6 months for both). Internships or studies in the home country are excluded!