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General Studies: Employability



How do I best prepare myself for an upcoming job interview? What do I have to consider during a job interview? How should I appear? How can a HR-manager become aware of me? Find with us the answers to these questions before attending a job interview.

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Language: English
Lecture: Samira Lemkecher

The seminar aims to prepare international students for the German labor market. The target group are international students and graduates who want to establish themselves on the German job market. Qualifications for the application and integration in the German labor market are taught in a practical and action-oriented way.

The main topics are ...

  • strategies for the job search
  • creation of an application portfolio
  • job interview
  •  challenges in the workplace.

Throughout the seminar taught also social, personal and intercultural skills. In addition, the participants are sensitized with regard to the acquisition of specialized vocabulary.

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