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General Studies: Business Topics / Management Skills


Business Topics / Management Skills

Complex management tasks, entrepreneurial thinking, innovative ability and creativity – expectations on university graduates are changing more and more. Become comfortable with these changes by building up appropriate skills.

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Language: English
Lecturer: Mareike Rimmler, The Founder Institute

What does an entrepreneur actually do and how can you found a startup?

In this course we want to answer these questions. In the Founder Institute of the SRH University we will learn why space affects your creativity, how you can distinguish good ideas from brilliant ones and why the great poets and thinkers were all destitute.

The course will give you a general overview of the process steps. From an idea to its startup. In addition to theoretical input, there will be a lot of time to test and try out methods and tools. Together we will learn and practice thinking in business models and learn who are the three "F "s that will fund my next big project.

Best case examples and an up-close insight into the SRH University's startup institute will round out the workshop. Be excited for a busy day of fun and inspiration to think ahead.

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