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General Studies: Soft Skills/Communication


Soft Skills / Communication

Working in a team, coordinating a meeting, giving presentations, intercultural thinking – it goes without saying that these skills are required for all students. But what if the right words are missing? How can you deal with stage fright and speak freely?

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Language: English
Lecture: Ridha Mejri

The course is about living & working in Germany. This comprises the German business culture, mindset, communication style, attitudes, values, etc. It also deals with the German labour market, job opportunities, job applications, job interviews, salary negotiations, etc.

Learn with Ridha Mejri…

  • improve your intercultural competences
  • acquire the basic terms of intercultural competency (e.g. stereotypes, the iceberg model, cultural dimensions, culture shock, etc.)
  • increase your understanding of culture and its impact on personal and professional life
  • develop knowledge of key cultural values and attitudes in Germany
  • raise awareness of differences in working and communication styles in order to ensure a successful and smooth integration in Germany
  • more about laws, rules & procedures in the German society
  • more about the labour market in Germany
  • how to apply for jobs & prepare yourself for job interviews

Language: English
Lecturer: Markus Ertelt (AOK)

Course description:

  • Insurance for students in Germany
  • What is insured and why do you have to insure yourself?
  • Working students / working during studies
  • What does social insurance and pension insurance number mean?
  • What do I have to pay attention to after my studies regarding insurances - what happens next?
  • Liability insurance
  • If necessary old-age provision

Language:  English & German
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Susanne Edinger

You've prepared well and worked a lot on your presentation. But the thought of giving it makes you queasy. In this workshop, you'll learn how to stay calm during your presentation, how to look good in front of an audience, and how to even wow your audience. We work with the camera - the best way to find out what impression you make.

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