General Studies: Soft Skills/Communication

Topic Soft Skills / Communication

Working in a team, coordinating a meeting, giving presentations, intercultural thinking – it goes without saying that these skills are required for all students. But what if the right words are missing? How can you deal with stage fright and speak freely?

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Language: English
Lecturer: Julie Kiepe

Course description:

In this course you will learn how to deal with stress and how to enhance your performance. Look briefly in to the theoretical background of stress, but most importantly though you will learn and apply strategies and tools how to deal with challenging situations and activate your resources. Cover content intellectually but also dig into emotional and physical approaches, such as breath work, meditation and movement. This course will ask you to participate actively and be open-minded. Most importantly, you will learn a lot about yourself and you will have fun!

  • Understanding stress
  • Time management
  • Activating resources
  • Maintaining focus
  • Breath work
  • Methods of relaxation
  • Mindfulness

Language: English
Lecturer: Markus Ertelt (AOK)

Course description:

  • Insurance for students in Germany
  • What is insured and why do you have to insure yourself?
  • Working students / working during studies
  • What does social insurance and pension insurance number mean?
  • What do I have to pay attention to after my studies regarding insurances - what happens next?
  • Liability insurance
  • If necessary old-age provision

Language: English
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. phil. Knut Eming / Vanessa Vierling

Course description:

  • Debates with students of all faculties
  • Training of linguistic & argumentative skills
  • Confidence for oral exams, presentations or even the colloquium

Language: English
Lecturer: Ridha Mejri (M.A., D.E.A.)

Course description:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the reasons for the differences between national cultures and how to handle & evaluate these differences
  • Learning especially what to consider when communication and negotiating with people from different cultures and how to motivate and lead them
  • Improving your intercultural competences & developing cultural awareness
  • Acquiring the basic terms of intercultural competences (e.g. stereotypes, the iceberg model, cultural dimensions, culture shock, etc.)
  • Strengthening your own self-confidence when dealing with other cultures

Over the past 12 years, the SRH International Week has become a yearly meeting of colleagues turned collaborators turned friends and family. Mentors have brought their mentees to Heidelberg, the network has grown, connections became tighter, and then with the Pandemic came two years of collective struggle and (failed) attempts to stay the normal course.

This year, the focus is on knowledge exchange, open discourse, and workshops to promote understanding and creative thinking aimed towards bridging the increasing generational gap. “Old” teaching styles have been forcefully replaced by zoom calls and the usual “touching base” with the colleagues has turned into a two-minute ping-pong of “Can you hear me?”  

We have seen how fast new technologies have taken over, and how those who couldn’t or wouldn’t hold the pace were ploughed over.  Now it is time to remember and retrieve the knowledge of interpersonal communication and social responsibility. The generation of exchange was put on hold and we must be prepared to build new bridges of friendship, as well as ensure global mobility opportunities for a fruitful and long-lasting international exchange.  

We are looking for you and your expertise to join us on our SRH Campus in Heidelberg this year and cross this bridge together. 

Your participation at the International Week 2022 can be certified by the Career Development Center/ General studies. You can use this certificate to apply for internships and jobs. The workload of each course is defined on the certificates and each faculty decides about the recognition of credits. Only for SRH Students.

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