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We find answers to questions for the future

At our university, we teach engineering technology and architecture true to the vision of it being a “passion for life”. By providing you with a solid grounding and addressing cutting-edge issues, we’ll train you to provide answers to key questions of our time. Energy, mobility, the environment, sustainability, living spaces, buildings – you’ll find the perfect preparation for your professional life in many exciting areas.

Our philosophy
Our philosophy

What makes your studies at our faculty so special

Regional, national and international: at the School of Engineering and Architecture, we view the globalisation of the labour market as both a challenge and an opportunity – especially for your professional future.

As an architect or engineer, your future tasks will not just be limited to planning, design and construction: you’ll also need to find creative and technical solutions to meet ecological and social requirements. We’ll train you for this complex field of action: in a practice-relevant, interdisciplinary and solution-focused way.

Bachelor's programmes

Master's programme

Mentoring for women by women!

Women are successful engineers. Women have won Nobel Prizes in science. Women astronauts travel into space. Female talent is essential in business and science. We will provide you with practical advice and support, helping you on your journey.