The SRH Graduate Center

We support you in your scientific career!

Are you a doctoral candidate or are you interested in doing a doctorate? At the Graduate Center you will find competent contact persons as well as advice and support on all aspects of doctoral studies.

For the start of your academic career
The Graduate Center

Under the umbrella of the Institute for applied research, a new service for young scientists is being created: The Graduate Center of SRH University Heidelberg. Are you a doctoral candidate or are you interested in doing a doctorate? At the Graduate Center you will find competent contact persons, consulting and support services. Feel free to contact us!

The Graduate Center is part of the project "International Research Experience @SRH", which is supported by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) with funds from the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) within the program "HAW.International".

Our offer for you

At the Graduate Center you can get advice on various organizational and structural topics related to your doctorate. We focus on helping you to help yourself - we support you in acquiring all the necessary information to make plans and decisions on your own. Consultations at the Graduate Center are, of course, treated confidentially.

  • "Doing a doctorate – is it the right choice for me?" - Advice for those interested in a doctorate
  • Possibilities and organization of a doctorate
  • Possibilities of financing a doctorate
  • Cooperative doctorates with national and international partner universities
  • Scientific writing advice

Wed 14-15 h, pre-registration is requested

An opportunity to get to know each other, to network and to exchange ideas, wishes and problems regarding your doctorate is offered by the interdepartmental Ph.D. round table. The Ph.D. round table is organized by Prof. Dr. Joachim Haß and Prof. Dr. Christoph Schärtl. You will be informed about the dates and meeting places of the Ph.D. round table via a mailing list, for which you can register with Prof. Haß/Prof. Schärtl. We´re looking forward to meeting you.

Research Colloquiums offer an opportunity for discussing research projects and ideas. Ph.D. candidates and students who are interested in research are welcome.

Research Colloquium of the School of Applied Psychology:

  • Next date: 01. December 2022, 17h, MPS3, room E.36a/b

„Bachelor, Master – Ph.D.?“ Info event for students interested in doing a doctorate

When and where!?
09. November 2022, 17h at room Salomon (Arc 016) - Info event in German!
10. November 2022, 17h at room Salomon (Arc 016) - ​​​​​​​Info event in English!

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