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IT Artificial Intelligence

  • Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)
  • 3 Semesters
  • Full time
  • 90 ECTS
  • €760/Month
  • 3 Semester
  • Full time

The Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence specializes in the following areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Computer Vision, Phyton, Deep Neural networks.

  • English
  • summer and winter semester
Artifical Intelligence Master's degree students at SRH University Heidelberg
Your course content

What you will learn

Students should develop a sound understanding of the fundamentals of machine learning, including supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, and deep learning. The ability to develop and implement AI models and utilize artificial intelligence techniques is essential. This includes proficiency in programming languages like Python and expertise in data processing. Students should also possess the ability to comprehend and apply various AI algorithms and models, such as neural networks, decision trees, support vector machines, and clustering algorithms.

Furthermore, students should explore the application of AI in diverse fields such as image processing, natural language processing (NLP), robotics, autonomous driving, healthcare, and finance. This will provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the potential and opportunities that artificial intelligence and computer technology can bring to these industries.

Your career prospects

Our innovative approach that pays off

The demand for specialists in the field of AI has risen sharply worldwide. Companies and organisations are increasingly looking for experts who can develop, implement and apply AI technologies. AI experts are finding employment opportunities in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, automotive, e-commerce, education and many others. AI is used in various applications such as robotics, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. Due to the high demand for AI experts, competition for qualified professionals is strong.

Curriculum Artificial Intelligence (M.Eng.)

Your curriculum

3 Semester 90 ECTS
1. Semester
  • Information and Coding Theory

  • Transmission Technology

  • Communication Networks

  • DSP in Image Processing

2. Semester
  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Deep Neural Networks

  • Current Topics in AI

  • Project Work

3. Semester
  • Master's thesis

Your lecturers

We help you achieve your goals

Admission requirements

Our requirements

You can be admitted to study at the SRH University Heidelberg if:

  • you have a 7-semester bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering, communications engineering, or similar.
  • and if you have also successfully completed our selection process, that also includes sufficient knowledge of English.

You do not qualify? No problem, SRH has its International College for students who do not qualify for direct entry into our programmes or need to bring up their English language level. You can choose from our Foundation programmes at the College. This is a direct pathway into our university. Find more about here .

Fees and Funding

Your tuition fees

Our tuition fees for the Information Technology course with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (M.Eng.) are €770 per month; you also pay a one-time enrollment fee of €750.

If you come from a non-EEA country without a settlement permit, the enrollment fee is €1,000 – we ask you to pay the tuition fees for one semester in advance. From the second semester, payments for the remaining semesters are due six weeks before the end of the study period that has already been paid for. Payments are to be made every semester.

You can find more information and payment modalities in the current fee schedule (valid from April 1st, 2023).

Fees schedule EEA students
Fees schedule non-EEA students

Apply now

Application process and deadlines

We look forward to welcoming you to the SRH University Heidelberg soon! We do not have application deadlines. Your application process looks like this:

  • If you are interested in the Information Technology master's program with a focus on blockchain technology, you can send us your application easily and conveniently online.
  • If you have any technical difficulties with the online application or if you have any questions about your application, your contact person Simin Chen will be happy to help.
  • If you meet the admission requirements, we will invite you to a selection interview
  • If the selection interview is successful, you will receive the acceptance and the study contract from us You sign the study contract and send it back to us
  • You pay the registration fee
  • If you come from a non-EU country, you pay your tuition fee one semester in advance in addition to the registration fee. From the second semester onwards, payments for the remaining semesters are due six weeks before the end of the study period that has already been paid for. Payments are to be made every semester.
  • We will issue your admission notice
  • You take part in our Ready-to-Start days - and off you go with your studies!

APS Certificate

Please note that special conditions apply to applicants from some countries: 


From 1st of November 2022, applicants from India will be required to have their documents verified by the Academic Evaluation Centre New Delhi (APS-India) before applying for a visa. After successful verification you will receive a certificate which allows you to initiate the visa process. Please note that the verification process at APS-India is expected to take approximately 4 weeks. We recommend that you apply for the APS certificate at the same time as you apply to SRH University Heidelberg. For more information, go to the APS-India website: 

The People’s Republic of China

The procedure of the Academic Evaluation Centre of the Cultural Section at the German Embassy in Bejing (Akademische Prüfstelle – APS) must have been successfully completed before you apply. The centre checks documents for authenticity and conducts interviews. The original APS certificate must be enclosed with the application documents. For more information, go to the APS website at:

Please note that you don’t need to complete the APS procedure if you apply for our 3+1 programmes. 


The Academic Evaluation Centre of the German Embassy in Hanoi has been checking the university entrance qualifications of Vietnamese applicants since 2007. The procedure includes checking the submitted written documents as well as an interview with the applicant. An original copy of proof of successful completion of this process, the APS certificate, must be enclosed with the application documents. 

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