SRH Hochschule Heidelberg

Six students of SRH Heidelberg UAS have been rewarded SRH Scholarships

Sechs Studierende haben im Sommersemester ein SRH Stipendium erhalten. Damit unterstützt unsere Hochschule begabte Studienbewerberinnen und -bewerber sowie Studierende in besonderen Lebenssituationen und erleichtert ihnen die Studienfinanzierung.

Six proud SRH scholarship holders will be supported by the SRH University Heidelberg from April 2021. This means that these students will receive full scholarships for the entire duration of their standard period of study. In this way, the SRH University Heidelberg supports talented applicants and students in special life situations and makes it possible for them to study.

"We are very proud of our SRH scholarship holders. Despite special obstacles, they all study with great commitment and achieve a great deal!", says Kamilla Prutek, Head of the Admission Office and Student Advisory Service, happily.

These are the scholarship holders from April 2021:

  • Alexandra Höhnle, Master student Psychology
  • Nadine Vordenbaeumen, Master student International Management and Leadership
  • Andreas Schrauth, Master student Social Law
  • Ahmad Hijazi, Master student Dance and Movement Therapy
  • Shraddha Prakash Pawar, Master student Applied Computer Science
  • Abdelrahman Orfali, Bachelor student Physiotherapy (not shown)