SRH Hochschule Heidelberg

Move your CORE

Sometimes, studying can be really stressful and take up a lot of your time. The project "Move your CORE" aims to bring exercise and fun to students during their daily study routine.

Everybody knows that regular exercise and physical activity positively influence our quality of life and contribute to our well-being and health. They even help reduce stress!

The goal of the “Move your CORE!” is to make sports fun and accessible to every student, especially during their everyday lives. Whether at lunch break, between or after lectures, or from the comfort of the home – sports and exercise are always possible! Alone or together with your friends, the “Move your CORE” project gives you the opportunity to take part in different exercise programmes or to become active in intramural sports. Furthermore, it’s possible to improve and develop the “Move your CORE!” project as an active team member.

You can borrow equipment that gives you an active break. But courses like Schweinehund Coaching are also possible. Or you can go on hikes with Komoot, which one of our psychology students has put together especially for SRH students. Here's an example: a bike tour to Ladenburg. Just take a look!