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Career start with JobTeaser: our student Jasmin tried it out.

The JobTeaser portal offers students at SRH University Heidelberg free tips and a wide range of job opportunities. MuK student Jasmin tells us how it works.

Hey! My name is Jasmin, and I’m 21 years old. I’m in my second semester of Media and Communication Management (MuK) at SRH University Heidelberg. With my story, I’d like to briefly introduce you to JobTeaser, a platform that you can use to specifically search for jobs or internships that suit you, free of charge. First off, JobTeaser is not necessarily suitable for all degree programmes – there are not many suitable offers in architecture, for example. But in the media sector or in business studies, for example, you will soon find what you are looking for. JobTeaser is not yet available in English, which could make it slightly difficult for our international students. But you can easily have job offers translated. English-speaking applicants are often highly sought-after in many areas, such as IT; there is generally a great shortage of skilled workers. Some companies also specifically ask SRH University Heidelberg to recommend applicants, because certain degree programmes such as Dance Movement Therapy, Music Therapy and Climate Change Management are of great interest to them. JobTeaser also has a number of job offers that are exclusive to our university. So it’s always worth taking a look!

But now on to my story: After leaving school, I decided to go abroad. But unfortunately the Covid pandemic put pay to my plans to travel to New Zealand. So I put my Plan B into action and travelled to Iceland as an au pair. Sitting in cold Iceland, I started to think about my future. I always knew that I wanted to do something involving communication. My dream was to work in radio, but studying journalism was out of the question. When I visited the online information event at SRH, I immediately knew that I wanted to study there.

At the end of my first semester, I applied for a student assistant position at the International Office, where I am proud to work as part of a team of wonderful colleagues.

Since I’m still at the start of my degree programme, I haven’t yet decided exactly what I want to do after graduation. But I have noticed that JobTeaser is also a good place where I can look for internships during my studies.

The registration process is very easy – you simply register with your university email address and activate your account by email. You can use the browser version or the app.

The browser version first asks you about your interests and search criteria. Are you looking for an internship, a job, a trainee programme or something else? You can also specify the date you want to start working. Once you have selected all your search criteria, you will receive information about the ads that match your details. I found some interesting jobs that matched my criteria, e.g. a job as a marketing manager at Bayrischer Rundfunk in Munich, and a marketing internship in the Netherlands.

JobTeaser also offers you helpful career tips, advice on how to write the perfect application, and reports on your experiences. In the “Events” section you will find various training courses and seminars that you can attend. Once you have found a suitable job, simply upload your application documents to the online application tool. You can then use your documents to apply directly to your dream employer online via JobTeaser.

What’s more: the weekly newsletter, issued in German and English, contains a “job of the week”, recommendations and lots of other valuable information – it’s worth subscribing to.

Are you looking for the perfect employer or an unforgettable internship? Then register for free at JobTeaser with your SRH University email address and start searching. Believe me, you won’t regret it. Here we go, and good luck with your search!

Career start with JobTeaser: Our student Jasmin tried it out.