SRH Hochschule Heidelberg

Change at the top of the Student Assembly (SV)

Alina Dieminger and Luk Wesselmann are turning the leadership of the Student Assembly over to Nico Dietz and Yori Stich. We sat down to find out more about them.

Alina and Luk wished their two successors success and fun. The president of our university, Professor Dr Carsten Diener, also warmly welcomed the SV’s two new representatives.

The SV has been in existence for a good two years, and in that time a lot has happened at our university. The group, which brings together all  Student Representative Committees (Fachschaften)  as well as the student representatives of the Senate and the Faculty Board (Fakultätsrat), organizes events and helps articulate and campaign for general student interests.

Nico is in his fourth semester of Media and Communication Management; Yori is in her 6th semester of Psychology. “I enjoy being involved for others outside of classes, and making sure things happen,” said Yori, describing her motivation for joining the SV. Nico explained, “I’ve already met a lot of people and made friends in the SV. You might have to find the committee that suits you, but it’s always worth getting involved!”

The two of them have a lot of plans for the Student Assembly, and they agreed that, “The SV’s development is incredibly strong right now!” This year, there has been a big change already: the budget for each Student Representative Committee is no longer allocated by the corresponding faculty, as it used to be, but the SV takes care of the distribution of an overall budget. “In the past, the budgets were somewhat inconsistent,” remarked Yori. “It’s a big responsibility that now rests on our shoulders, but this brings more structure to the issue.” Improving communication both internally and externally is another priority for this year, as well as increasing the SV’s visibility and hosting more events. The first event is just around the corner: the SV has begun promoting participation in the National Center for Tumor Diseases’s NCT Run, which will take place on campus on 8 July. “We also want to network more closely with the other SRH universities. They have similar concerns to us, and so we can speak with a stronger voice,” Nico noted. These dedicated student leaders are also always happy to welcome new students. “We meet publicly every week. You’re always welcome to join us as a guest, or to voice your concerns to us!”

Prof. Dr. Carsten Diener,Alina Dieminger, Luk Wesselmann, Yori Stich, Nico Dietz, Anna Winkes bei der SV-Übergabe im Science Park
f.l.t.r.: Carsten Diener, Alina Dieminger, Luk Wesselmann, Yori Stich, Nico Dietz, Anna Winkes