SRH Hochschule Heidelberg

„The automative industry was always exciting for me"

Our Alumnus Ansari Hasebullah Abdullah graduated from SRH University of Applied Sciences in Heidelberg in 2016 with a Master's degree in Information Technology and now works as a Senior Cloud Engineer at Mercedes-Benz Leasing Deutschland.

Ansari Haseb vor dem Mercedes Benz Unternehmen

Tell us, what are you doing right now and what does your professional life look like?

Currently, I’m responsible for developing and maintaining the cloud infrastructure for the leasing platform in my company. Me and my team provision secure cloud environment to run various applications to make leasing platforms run successfully. Briefly in my daily work, I’ve multiple interactions with the developer teams (in smaller and sometimes in bigger rounds) where I try to understand the requirements and nature of the applications that needs to deploy in the infrastructure. Then me and my team work on the gathered information and we define workflows to deliver according to the needs of the developing team. My team also makes sure that the infrastructure code and workflows we produce for one team are reusable for the other team too with minimum configuration changes. So professionally, my daily work is occupied with understanding the requirements from different teams and then producing and delivering secure and automated cloud environments.

What makes your industry so exciting for you?

The automotive industry was always exciting for me as I’m very passionate about cars and try to keep myself updated with the latest tech used the car industry. Though directly I’m not involved working with cars but there are many opportunities and benefits from the company that the employees get to really feel the experience of luxury cars. Nevertheless, apart from the car excitement thing, I’m equally passionate about that I get to learn something new on a daily basis either from colleagues or from other sources. 

How do you imagine your future professional career? What career paths, opportunities for advancement or professional fields would you like to pursue in the next few years?

In the next few years, I’d like to pursue a Cloud Architect role and get more familiarized with CNCF (Cloud Native Cloud Foundation) Tools. For this to happen, I’ve lined up a couple of certifications to take from Microsoft, Linux Foundation, Hashicorp, etc.

Application processes are always exciting. How do you remember this phase immediately after graduation? Were there any particular challenges?

Application process step was indeed challenging and sometimes it also seemed to be demotivating when multiple rejections were received. But the key to this situation was to just keep applying every day and be motivated and have positive thinking. If one feels that it is not working for them, then one should rework on their CV and verify their CVs from someone who has already been through this process. Keeping LinkedIn and Xing profile up to date is also very beneficial to crack this application process. 

What advice would you like to give to our students?

“Completing the internship or the master thesis in an institute or a commercial company is utmost important to open yourself professionally and gain experience in the German market.”