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The professors don't just support you academically, they mentor and shape you

Our alumnus Khalid Asfandyar graduated with a master's degree in Information Technology from SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg in 2019 and is now working as a program manager for transportation logistics automation at Amazon.

Khalid Asfandyar mit Studiengangsleiter bei der Graduierungsfeier

Tell us, what are you doing right now and what does your professional life look like?

I am currently working as a Program Manager for Transportation Automation at Amazon in the state of Arizona, USA. My professional life is a constant day to day challenge that focuses on me trying to automate workflow processes in the logistics department that focuses on Amazon delivering packages to customers on time via land and air. My day to day work deals with stakeholder management holding multiple meetings and managing multiple projects along with our software developers sometimes working alongside them delivering tools and packages that helps out our stakeholders to improve day to day operations minimising our costs as a team leader I tend to inspire and motivate my team during difficult periods so that we add value as we are directly a customer centric team so my day to day professional life focuses on understanding problems and creating the tools to solve those problems.

What makes your industry so exciting for you?

What makes working at Amazon so exciting is that it's a fast-paced and dynamic place to work, where you're constantly working on different projects. It can be pressurised at times, but I thrive on pressure, and what I do can bring a smile to someone's face who gets their parcel on time, and small successes turn into big achievements.

How do you imagine your future professional career? What career paths, opportunities for advancement or professional fields would you like to pursue in the next few years?

I'm looking forward to doing my research in technology and maybe go back to school for a Ph.D. I've already done my MBA along with my job and I want to do something in business engineering somewhere along the lines of sustainability engineering management and cloud security within AWS Amazon. With the advancement in IT and AI field, I see great inventions that could help serve humanity and have a positive impact on society and as a tech junkie, I want to make a difference and make myself, my teachers and my parents proud.

As for my future goals, my ambition is to be a senior executive such as a VP at either Amazon or another top global company where I can have more impact within my field and make a name for myself.

Application processes are always exciting. How do you remember this phase immediately after graduation? Were there any particular challenges?

Immediately after graduation, job hunting is one of the most stressful things, especially trying to find a job in your field of study to gain financial independence as soon as possible, and the transition from student to working life is a big challenge. Sometimes in job hunting you land an interview where you feel you nailed it but end up getting rejected, for me even getting the opportunity to present myself for a job was half a victory, as an optimist it was a lesson learned on how to improve myself. In terms of job hunting, I was lucky enough to get a job in a startup company a month before my thesis presentation, which allowed me the flexibility to work my own hours and remotely as an IT consultant from Heidelberg, a place I call my second home and have an emotional attachment to, and also exposed me to the challenges of being a fresh graduate in a startup company and how to overcome those challenges. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and in line with the demanding skills requirements of the job market.

What else do you like to share?

I was fortunate to have received so much support from my professors who were not only my teachers but also my mentors such as our esteemed Dean Dr Achim Gottscheber and Dr Karl Izsak who were not only there to provide insights and critique my work but were also available for spontaneous appointments along with emotional support and motivation to give their feedback, The career advice and guidance helped me a lot to develop myself not only as a student but also as a professional in the field and in the corporate environment as an office manager I have managed to take a lot of lessons and had the privilege to travel the world, understand different cultural work ethics and how to adapt myself to changing dynamic barriers.

"The professors don't just support you academically, they mentor and shape you, at the end of 18 months a student feels the difference than when he started at SRH Heidelberg".

What advice would you like to give to our students?

My first and foremost advice to students would be to challenge yourself by going outside of you comfort zone, this will be your greatest learning achievement and the pain during this process is just your weakness leaving for body get as much experience as possible while you get a taste of the competitive job market so that your prepped.

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