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Prof. Dr. Mohammad R. Ghomi

School of Engineering and Architecture | guest lecture | Water Technology
Room: BS 11, 3.OG, Raum 313
Phone: +49 6221 6799-339

About me
About me

April 2022 - Present
Guest lecture at SRH University Heidelberg

My main teaching courses are: Water pollutants and analytics, Membranes in water and wastewater, Hydrology, EDP (Engineering Design Project), Experimental methods with SPSS and Applied research in Water Technology Master’s programme.  

2000 - 2022
Associate professor in IAU (Islamic Azad University) Tonekabon, Iran

Guest researcher in workgroup of Aquatic Chemical Ecology, Koln University, Germany

2009 - Present
Editor-in-Chief, International Aquatic Research

Research interests

  • Water monitoring and analysis in basic and multivariate studies
  • Water-oriented technologies (plasma, ozone, UV, polarization and desalination, electrocoagulant, filtration and membranes, aeration systems) in water and wastewater treatment, design and construction 
  • Biofiltration systems, biodegradation of pollutants (heavy metals, drugs, pesticides); microalgae in water studies; water reuse systems 
  • Nanoparticles and nanocomposites in water studies