SRH Hochschule Heidelberg
Guest Professor

Prof. Dr. Mohammad R. Ghomi

School of Engineering and Architecture | guest lecture | Water Technology

Room: BS 11, 3.OG, Raum 313
Phone: +49 6221 6799-339
Portraitfoto Mohamad Ghomi
About me

About me

Guest lecture at SRH University Heidelberg

My main teaching courses are: Water pollutants and analytics, Membranes in water and wastewater, Hydrology, EDP (Engineering Design Project), Experimental methods with SPSS and Applied research in Water Technology Master’s programme.  

Associate professor in IAU (Islamic Azad University) Tonekabon, Iran
Guest researcher in workgroup of Aquatic Chemical Ecology, Koln University, Germany
Editor-in-Chief, International Aquatic Research

Research interests

  • Water monitoring and analysis in basic and multivariate studies
  • Water-oriented technologies (plasma, ozone, UV, polarization and desalination, electrocoagulant, filtration and membranes, aeration systems) in water and wastewater treatment, design and construction 
  • Biofiltration systems, biodegradation of pollutants (heavy metals, drugs, pesticides); microalgae in water studies; water reuse systems 
  • Nanoparticles and nanocomposites in water studies